Survivor 38.9 “Blood of a Blindside”

Last night’s episode of Survivor was a surprise.  For the first time, outside of the finale episodes, we had two immunity challenges and two tribal councils, all in the same night.  I’m not sure why the show did that, though I imagine it might have something to do with Edge of Extinction.  At some point soon, the castaways on Edge of Extinction Beach will get another opportunity to reenter the game.

As for the two castaways who were voted out last night, one was a blindside and one was definitely not.  As soon as Aurora won the first immunity challenge of the night, I think we all knew that David was going to be in trouble.  He’s simply too good at the game and, as Wardog pointed out, too good at talking his way out of trouble at Tribal Council.  David was obviously the biggest threat to win the game and, as much as I love David, it made perfect sense for the rest of the tribe to vote him out when they had a chance.

Still, David didn’t go out without a fight.  He and Devens pointed out that Wardog, Kelley, and Lauren appeared to be an unbreakable alliance and they tried to rally Julie and Ron over to their side by asking them to vote out Wardog.  It didn’t work.  If anything, Ron apparently felt that Devens and David came on too strong.  In the end, David was voted out by a vote of 8-2.  But what’s amazing is that, even in leaving, David managed to set up the next blindside.

Though it didn’t keep him from getting voted out, David was correct when he argued that Wardog was essentially seen as being Wentworth’s lackey.  Certainly, David managed to convince Wardog of that fact.  From the minute that the tribe returned to camp, Wardog started thinking about how he could make a name for himself as something other than just a lackey.  His solution?  To blindside Kelley Wentworth.

And it worked!  For once, Wardog’s plan worked brilliantly.  After Rick Devens won immunity (with a little help from an advantage that David sent him from Edge of Extinction Beach), Wentworth and Lauren seemed pretty confident that Aurora would be the next to go.  Instead, Wardog teamed up with Ron, Julie, Victoria, and Aurora and they all voted for Wenworth.  Wentworth ended up getting voted out by a vote of 5-4.  She was voted out with an idol in her pocket.  As she left, she complained that Wardog had lied to her.

(If nothing else, this season should end the myth that Kelley Wentworth has ever been a great player.)

So now, all of the returnees have been voted out.  Joe, Aubry, David, and Wentworth are all on Edge of Extinction Beach.  As far as advantages are concerned, Lauren has an idol and Ron now has an extra vote.  It was originally Aurora’s extra vote but she gave it to Ron, presumably to win over his loyalty and also because she wanted him to have it in case the blindside failed and she was voted out.

I assume that, either next week or the one after, David, Aubry, Joe, Wentworth, Reem, Julia, Eric, and Chris will finally get their chance to reenter the game.  I also assume that the blindsides will continue to come!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


9 thoughts on “Survivor 38.9 “Blood of a Blindside”

  1. betty

    Thanks for a another great write up Lisa Marie. I too was sad to see David go. It will be interesting to see how Wardog will explain things to Lauren. One thing for sure, I don’t think anyone will trust Wardog in the future! I can’t see this move helping his game that much, but it will be interesting to see what he does next.

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  2. marcellagwin

    In the background of my mind I heard the “Ode to Joy” as Wentworth exited. I’ve never liked her, and this season has made me like her less… I’m ready for the “Extinction” project to end… let’s get it done and get back to playing the game! Wardog moved up a couple of notches for me this week… of course, his big move probably put him on everyone’s radar at this point. He may not last much longer!

    Yes… I’m still pulling for my Joe to make it back into the game!

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  3. tedstrutz

    I hated seeing David go, and not just because he is my guy in our pool, because I really liked watching his game play and his words at Tribal. I had Aubrey too and am probably out of luck.

    I have never understood why Kelly was thought of a being this great player and so dangerous. She is worthless at challenges. I don’t remember her being a challenge beast in earlier episodes? I am not unhappy to see her go, and if she can get back in, then good for her, I don’t dislike Kelly.

    I think you are right about the double last night. They have got to do something about EofE soon, there will more people on that island than on Survivor Beach. And what are they going to do??? Hopefully we will find out next week.

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    1. marcellagwin

      I think my dislike for Kelly is more about her lack of actually being a great player, but getting all the hype. She’s a devious player… but I’m not sure that particular characteristic will help her win the game, or even get back in the game. I’m pretty sure she’s going to enjoy the rest of her season 39 in the jury’s Ponderosa…


    1. marcellagwin

      I’d like to see a season of “fan favorites”. That would be much more appealing than all winners season…


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