The Amazing Race 31.1 “You’re In Our Race Now”

Yay!  The Amazing Race is back!

It seems like it’s been forever since my favorite reality show was on TV.  Actually, it’s only been a year.  The Amazing Race no longer gets the high ratings that it once did so CBS tends to treat it a little bit disrespectfully, in my opinion.  Instead of showing two installments a year, they now only show one.  And, for the most part, they tend to use it as filler.  When they need to fill in a time slot because a show’s been cancelled, they bring out the Amazing Race.

This season features some familiar faces.  Three of the teams were previously on Survivor.  Three of the teams were previously on Big Brother.  And four of the teams were on previous seasons of the Amazing Race.  Here are your teams:

Big Brother

Janelle and Britney, who are two of the most popular Big Brother houseguests of all time, even though they’ve never won.

Nicole and Victor, who are now engaged but who were merely dating when they filmed the Race.

Rachel and Elissa, who are …. well, where to even begin?  I have three older sisters so I can definitely relate to the Rachel/Elissa dynamic,  You can definitely tell which sister is used to being the center of attention and which sister usually has to be the peacekeeper.  Rachel has been on Big Brother twice and she’s run the Amazing Race two times in the past.  She managed to get through last night without having a meltdown but I’m sure we’ll get one eventually.


Chris and Bret, who were on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and who both seem like they’re a little bit too old and out-of-shape for this particular race,

Rupert and Laura, who are Survivor royalty, basically.  I’ve lost track of how many times Rupert has been on Survivor.  He and his wife are back and Rupert appears to still be wearing the same shirt that he was wearing on Survivor: Peal Islands.

Corrine and Eliza, who spent last night being snarky about the other teams, despite not being very good themselves.  It actually took me a while to remember who the two of them were.  I don’t really remember much about Eliza.  I do remember Corrine got on my last nerve during her previous two Survivor appearances.

The Amazing Race

Art and JJ, who are two former border patrol agents and who, like Chris and Bret, immediately appeared to be too old and out-of-shape for the race.

Colin and Christie, who are two of my favorite former racers.  Colin is ultra competitive which, in their previous race, rubbed some people the wrong way.  Myself, I like people who refuse to give up.

Leo and Jamal, the two obnoxious cousins who are returning for their third race.

Becca and Floyd, the dreaded Team Fun from the previous season of the Race.

Tyler and Korey, who are two YouTubers who came in third during their previous race.  Tyler laughs constantly, which got pretty old the last time he was on the Race.

As for last night’s episode, it saw the racers going from sunny California to Tokyo.  Everyone had to eat a shoe.  One racer, at the end, had to run up a slanted platform to grab the final clue.  The challenges were relatively simple and set up so that the first episode could focus on introducing us to all of the returning racers.  From the start, it was pretty obvious that JJ and Art were going to have trouble keeping up.  Though the Amazing Race isn’t a purely physical competition, it still tends to favor racers who are in slightly better shape than either JJ or Art appeared to be.

That said, JJ and Art came close to surviving.  Even though Art couldn’t make it up the platform and they had to take a four-hour penalty, they were nearly saved by Rupert and Laura’s inability to navigate Tokyo.  There’s always at least one team every race who is absolutely hopeless with directions and, this season, that would appear to be Rupert and Laura.  It took them forever to find that slanted platform.  However, let’s give credit where credit is due.  Rupert may be the oldest person on the race but he ran straight up that platform and got the final clue.  And so, Rupert and Laura managed to avoid elimination for now.

So, here’s how everyone ended up last night:

Coming in first, Leo and Jamal.

Coming in second, Colin and Christie.

Coming in third, Tyler and Korey.

(None of the top three finishes are surprising as all three of these teams were extremely strong during their previous times on the Race.)

Coming in fourth, Rachel and Elissa.  Rachel got through this leg without crying but I’m sure that will change soon.

Coming in fifth, Becca and Floyd.

Coming in sixth, Victor and Nicole. Of all the teams with no previous racing experience, they finished the highest.

Coming in seventh, Chris and Bret.

Coming in eighth, Janelle and Britney.

Coming in ninth, Corrine and Eliza.  They talked a good game but turned out to be kinda hapless when it came to actually racing.

Coming in tenth, Rupert and Laura.

Coming in 11th and getting eliminated, JJ and Art!

So, right now, I’d have to say that Leo & Jamal, Colin & Christie, and Tyler & Korey seem like the strongest contenders but you never know.  The Race is unpredictable, which is one reason why I love it.  Just because you finish strong during one leg, that doesn’t mean you won’t be eliminated in the next.

We’ll see what happens!  For now, I’m just happy to have the Amazing Race back!

Lisa Marie




9 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 31.1 “You’re In Our Race Now”

  1. tedstrutz

    Loved the Race, of course! Nice recap, LMB, nice assessment as always.
    I was not sorry to see JJ and Art go, they were not faves. Rupert and Laura can thank their lucky stars for Art’s ineptness for not seeing the clues or knowing what the hell he was doing and being in such poor shape, or they would be the ones kicked off the mat. I loved Rupert at first, but his act had became dull over time. They had better get their act together, but then one wrong turn can spell disaster. I think the TAR racers know how to ask people to help them find a place. I think Janelle and Brit will be fun, they have a good attitude. Absolute love Rachel of course, I know, I’m in a minority. Fun to see Vic and Nic. I love Team Fun, again I might be in a minority, don’t you just love their dancing and singing??? Will be fun to see if C&C have changed with their newfound spirituality, I really liked them before. Not a fan of the utubbers, too fake. I liked Chris and Brett on Survivor, think your comment is correct, we’ll see.

    Finally, I have to say… I am Team Corrine/Eliza all the way! They are two of my favorite Survivors, and how could you forget Eliza??? Remember the stick idol? I love snark and hope they can get it together.


      1. tedstrutz

        No, it is not an act, and I didn’t really mean it that way. I meant that he has never come close to capturing the magic of his initial or second outing. To keep being invited back it would be nice to have a new Rupert twist. He is an honest and very sincere man and I would not be at all unhappy to see him and Laura win the race. I’m just not wowed by time spent with them so far.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. marcellagwin

        Yep.. Rupert doesn’t have that sparkle he did the first time we saw him… but I still really like him cause he is a good guy…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. betty

    I don’t understand why CBS uses TAR as a ‘fill in’!! I love this show. I believe it originally aired on Sunday nights and seemed to do well, but someone had a brillant idea to switch it to Fridays, where ratings took a nose dive.

    Thanks for a great write up. Hopefully Jamal and Leo won’t last long, but unfortunately I think they will go far and will be very difficult to beat.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. marcellagwin

    TAR has always been the most enjoyable of all reality shows. One thing I found interesting last night… the former BB & Survivor folks didn’t seem to give much respect to TAR in the beginning… I think they’d all realized by the end of this leg that TAR is much more grueling than either of their sister reality shows. Kudos for TAR! Game On!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tedstrutz

      I agree. They are finding out that it is not just a sightseeing trip. I think each person, no matter which show they were on, thinks that their show was the hardest, probably the Survivors more. This show is non stop.

      Liked by 1 person

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