Survivor 38.10 “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

Overall, I’m liking this season of Survivor but I still hope they never do this Edge of Extinction thing ever again.

Edge of Extinction Beach might as well just be renamed Whiny Beach.  Every episode, we have to spend what seems like an eternity listening to Reem, one of the worst players in the history of the game, complain about the fact that she managed to so alienate her tribe that she became the first person voted out.  Reem is bitter and that’s understandable.  It can’t be easy to so totally fail at the game.  But seriously, enough is enough.  Last night, she was joined by Kelley Wentworth, who was very upset at Wardog for betraying her, despite the fact that it was the best move for his game.  For someone who has a reputation for being a brilliant player, Wentworth has little appreciation for or understanding of any strategy beyond looking for immunity idols.

Another thing that I noticed during last night’s episode is that the jury is getting huge!  Typically, there are 10 members of the jury.  With Wardog getting voted out last night, there are now 9 members of the Edge of Extinction jury and there’s still about three episodes to go.  At the rate we’re going right now (and considering that at least one person will supposedly have a chance to get back in the game), we’re looking at a jury of 13 people.  (If Wendy and Keith — remember them? — hadn’t voluntarily left, we’d have 15 people.)

When are we going to have our next comp to see who gets back in the game?  To be honest, to me, it seems unfair to let someone reenter the game this close to the end.  No, I’m definitely not a fan of this whole Edge of Extinction thing.  There’s no real stakes when you know that anyone voted out can get back into the game.

As for the rest of the show — well, this was one of the most straight forward episodes of Survivor in the history of the show.  After engineering the Wentworth blindside, Wardog basically got a big head and decided that he was in charge of everything.  After he barked at Gavin, Gavin decided that maybe it would be a good idea to build up his resume by convincing people to vote out Wardog.  They didn’t take much convincing, of course.  Once Devens won immunity, everyone shifted their focus over to Wardog.

Both Wardog and Devens made the case that Aurora should be voted out but it didn’t work.  Wardog and Devens may have voted for Aurora but everyone else on the tribe voted for Wardog and Wardog was sent to Edge of Extinction Beach by a vote of 6-2.  Over on the jury, Wentworth said that the tribe voted out Wardog because they wanted “revenge for me,” but I think it was more a case of Wardog just being viewed, along with Devens, as being the biggest threat to win the game.

So, now, Wardog is gone and, for a while at least, we won’t get to laugh at his total ineptitude when it comes to challenges.

As of right now, if i had to guess, I’d say that it looks more and more likely that we’ll have a Gavin/Ron/Victoria final three.  Devens is going to get voted out as soon as he doesn’t have immunity and I imagine Aurora will go right after him.  I could see Julie potentially making it to the final three but, in the end, I think Victoria will sneak in there.  Victoria is one of those players who has consistently managed to be on the winning side without drawing too much attention to herself and those type of players always seem to make it to the final three.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

5 thoughts on “Survivor 38.10 “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

  1. tedstrutz

    I agree with everything you just said, Lisa.

    I just don’t get where the producers are going with EofE and I wonder if they did when they thought of the whole thing. Something has to happen with the jury, they can’t really have all the losers on the jury, can they??? Well, it’s their show so I guess they can. But, it’s our show too.

    I enjoyed Wardog, he just used too many of his people the wrong way, and I’m also enjoying Ron and his play. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lauren in the final three, she is a real survivor.

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  2. deb

    Good job as usual Lisa! I’m glad Wardog (do we even know his actual name?) is gone and I wish Ron would go too. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way.

    Maybe the people at EofE think the challenge will get them back in the actual game like we have been led to believe but what they the challenge winner actually wins is to be the final person on the jury. Whoever wins the challenge becomes the final jury member and the rest of the castaways from EofE are dismissed. I just can’t see them having a jury with so many people.

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    1. tedstrutz

      Haha… it’s Daniel DaSilva. I’m not a big fan of Ron’s either, something kind of snakey about him, but I enjoy his thought process. Where do you get that idea about EofE? That would be just fine with me. Oh dear Lord, what if Reem won???


      1. deb

        Ted: I was thinking out loud about EofE. I was just throwing it out there. I have no idea what will happen with the castaways on EofE. I don’t see Reem winning any kind of challenge unless that challenge involves pissing everyone off. She could win that hand-down.

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