Survivor 38.12 “Idol or Bust”

Well, we’re almost there.

There’s only one episode of Edge of Extinction left and then this season of Survivor will be in the books.  I have to say that I really, really hope that the show never does anything like Edge of Extinction again.  Right now, there are five players left in the game and then there’s 11 people on Edge of Extinction beach.  During next week’s finale, one of those 11 will win the right to reenter the game and presumably be a part of the top 6.

But why?

Seriously, why should someone who couldn’t cut it the first time now get a chance to reenter and possibly win the game?  For instance, let’s say that Reem wins the chance to reenter the game and then, because everyone on the jury has spent the last month listening to her talk about how much she wants to win and how she’s the only person who hasn’t betrayed anyone, Reem somehow wins the season?  I mean, who is going to be happy with that?  On the one hand, it’s true that you do have some strong and likable players at Edge of Extinction.  There’s Joe and David and some people like Auby.  But there’s also a lot of players — like Julia, Chris, and Reem — who never mattered and who never did anything to suggest that the game would be improved by giving them a second chance.

Admittedly, you could make the same argument about Devens, who is currently my favorite player in the game.  Devens was voted out and he did reenter the game and now he’s the biggest threat to win.  But I tend to think of Devens as being the exception that proves the rule.  If Devens hadn’t won his chance to reenter the game and, instead, it had been someone like Wendy, Keith, Reem, or Chris who reentered the game, does anyone think they would have been able to take over the game as easily as Devens has?

Last night’s episode was pretty much dominated by Devens.  It was pretty much a typical Survivor 38 episode, in that it didn’t really get interesting until tribal council.  That’s when Devens — who had already won the immunity challenge — revealed that he had also found an immunity idol.  He announced that he was going to play it for Julie and that, as a result, the Aurora/Lauren/Gavin/Victoria alliance would have to turn on each other.  In the end, Rick didn’t play the idol but it didn’t matter because Lauren, Gavin, and Victoria had already decided that they were going to blindside Aurora.  By a vote of 5 votes for Aurora and one vote for Julie, a rather angry Aurora was sent to Edge of Extinction Beach.

So, with the finale approaching, here’s your final six:

Rick Devens — Because Devens has an immunity idol, he’s guaranteed to survive, at the very least, the first tribal council on finale night.  If Devens makes it to the final three, he’ll be difficult to beat.  His problem is that everyone knows this so no one wants to take him to the end.

Lauren — Lauren also has an immunity idol so she will also survive the first tribal council.  If she makes it to the final three, Lauren’s problem is that she’s largely been a follower during the entire season.  First, she did whatever Kelley told her to do.  Now, she does whatever Gavin tells her to do.

Gavin — Gavin’s been coming on strong over the past few episodes.  If Devens doesn’t make it to the final three, I think Gavin would be the favorite.

Victoria — Victoria suffers from the same problem that’s going to make things difficult for Lauren.  She’s largely been a follower this entire season.  She’s worked with people but she’s rarely been a leader.

Julie — Julie seems to be guaranteed a spot in the final three because everyone thinks that they can beat her.  They’re probably right.

The Returning Player — This is the wild card.  Who knows who will return from Edge of Extinction Beach or when they’ll return.  Will they return and be a part of the top six or a part of the top five?  Aubry won an advantage and has been allowed to practice for the eventual comp.  But the show has been focusing so much on Reem that I’m worried they’re foreshadowing her eventual return.

I guess I’m going to predict that we’re going to have a Gavin, Lauren, and Julie final three.  I’m going to predict the returning player will be voted out at the first tribal council.  Then Devens will be voted out as soon as he doesn’t have immunity.  Gavin will win the last immunity and he’ll take Julie with him to the final three.  Lauren beats Victoria in a fire-making comp and then Gavin wins the million dollars with Lauren picking up a vote from Wentworth and Julie maybe getting a vote from Ron.

We’ll find out what happens next week!

Lisa Marie 


8 thoughts on “Survivor 38.12 “Idol or Bust”

  1. theycallmetater

    I don’t like the idea of bringing people back after they’ve been voted out, but I could live with it if they are brought back right at merge and then they are done. I hate bringing someone back in this late. I would normally be for Devens, but I really don’t want a precedent of people who lost coming back in and winning.

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  2. Sammi O'Leary

    Has Joe ever won? My mind doesn’t remember him winning. Is this productions way of getting him a win?
    Also, I don’t think Devens or anyone else is guaranteed to make it to final 5. Too many people have been voted off with idols in their pockets or they played the idol on someone else. Devens seems like he is getting cocky. I want him to win just to show everyone else they were too focused on one guy. They should have been playing the game. But I can see Devens getting even cockier on the next show and making a huge mistake. I hope not. I love that Aurora got voted off. I highly doubt Reem will be the one who comes back. If she is the one I will cry. I want David, Aubrey or Joe to come back. Or Devens if he gets voted off. I really enjoyed the larger earlier jury but I don’t think anyone should be allowed back into the game. Just my thoughts. =0)

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    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      I think the first tribal council of the finale is the last time that an idol can be played so I’m guessing both Devens and Lauren will play their idols then because it’s their last chance to do so. At the same time, if either of them wins immunity, they could give their idol to someone else and keep them safe. That could especially happen if either David or Kelley reenters the game.

      Joe has never won the game. The previous two times he fell into the same trap that he fell into this season — he was good at challenges but struggled with making a strong alliance. I love Joe but I sometimes feel like it’s he’s not ruthless enough for Survivor.

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      1. marcellagwin

        I agree with you Lisa Marie, regarding Joes lack of ruthlessness… another of my favorite players in that same category, Ozzy Lusth. If stranded in any remote local anywhere on earth, I’d rather have one of these two guys than any other player ever. Joe & Ozzy have the same fatal flaw, too good to play the game in which “Outwit” really means “out-lie, out-cheat, out-manipulate & misuse” your fellow players.

        As for the reason to bring back players… ratings. When your favorite player leaves the game via an early tribal vote, I think many people lose interest (not me, but my hubs does this every season) and either don’t watch, or watch less. Not knowing who might get a chance to return to the game, keeps you interested… at least the Survivor gods hope so. (Hubby hanging in there hoping that his fave, Joe, makes it back. Though he’s getting pretty tired of the wait!).

        I personally enjoyed Redemption Island season much more, when they battled one-on-one every time someone was voted out. This gigantic jury that has been witness to all the jury votes & squabbles may or may not bring an interesting dynamic. I guess we’ll see this week… one thought, keeping them all sequestered on Extinction Island is sure a lot cheaper than the plush digs of Ponderosa private suites with full time chef & housekeeping… just a thought…


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