Survivor 38.13 “I See The Million Dollars”

Well, that was a letdown.

Let’s just get this out of the way.  I am not at all happy with what happened during the finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.  From the minute that Jeff Probst said that the Edge of Extinction twist would last the entire game and that a second player would be allowed to return and compete, my main concern was that — at the last minute — some nonentity would reenter the game and basically ruin the entire season.

And, amazingly enough, that’s exactly what happened!

Listen, I’m sure that Chris is a nice guy and he made some pretty good moves during the finale.  Convincing Lauren to use her idol on him was clever and, even more importantly, it left Lauren vulnerable at the next tribal council.  (What exactly was Lauren thinking, though?)  And giving up immunity so that he could battle Rick Devens in the firemaking contest was a big move.

But none of that changes the fact that Chris essentially only played the game for 11 days.  Meanwhile, Gavin and even Julie played the full 39 days.  Devens may have been a returning player but, unlike Chris, he wasn’t just dropped into the finale.  He returned when the teams merged and he had to fight every day after that to survive.  If anyone proved himself this season, it was Rick Devens.  If Gavin or Julie had been the player who finally sent Rick home, it would have been a big Survivor moment.  Instead, RIck was sent home by some guy who most of us had forgotten about.  To lose because you didn’t win immunity is one thing.  To lose because of a twist is another.

I know, I know.  Even though Chris was voted out, he was supposedly still playing the game on Edge of Extinction Beach.  That’s what Jeff Probst kept telling us, anyway.  Chris spent 28 days at the Edge of Extinction before reentering the game.  Yes, he had to survive on rice and he had to listen to Reem whine.  But you know what he didn’t have to do?  He didn’t have to compete for immunity.  He didn’t have to search for an idol.  He didn’t have to make alliances.  He didn’t have to fight to survive tribal council after tribal council.  He didn’t have to get any blood on his hands in any of thhe votes.  He didn’t have to do any of the things that every other Survivor winner has had to do.  Instead, he reentered the game at the end and was given an immunity idol for his trouble!

In the end, of the final three, I think Gavin deserved it more than Chris.  When you look at the people who voted for Chris, you see that he got the votes of everyone who was voted out pre-merge.  Essentially, the people who spent the most time on Edge of Extinction Beach voted for Chris to win and why shouldn’t they?  They spent nearly a month with Chris.  Reem never even talked to Gavin before the final tribal council.

(For the record, Rick, Lauren, Aurora, and Kelley voted for Gavin.  Reem, Aubry, Eric, Joe, Julia, David, Wardog, Ron, and Victoria voted for Chris.  Considering that Aubry previously lost the game to someone who, like Eric, didn’t actually do anything in the game until the final three days, I’m especially surprised by her vote.)

Chris winning was a truly disappointing end for a season that had its share of great moments.  Even though the majority of the players weren’t particularly strong, this was still a season of great tribal councils.  This was a season that featured some of the greatest blindsides in Survivor history.  Even the finale featured the spectacle of both Lauren and Julie attempting to play fake immunity idols.  This was a season with potential but it could never quite overcome the Edge of Extinction twist.

Oh well!  Hopefully, they won’t do this Edge of Extinction thing again.  Survivor 39 will feature Boston Rob and Sandra as mentors and, even though I’m tired of both twists and returning players, I know that I’ll definitely be watching!

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting over the course of this entertaining but frustrating season!  The Amazing Race will be back next week and then, sometime in June, Big Brother starts!

See you then!

Lisa Marie


9 thoughts on “Survivor 38.13 “I See The Million Dollars”

  1. pattigisme

    Hi 👋 Lisa,
    If I did these updates myself, I couldn’t have written or said it better myself! I agree with and totally echo your every thought, emotion, grievance, and joy with this entire season! I too hate the way The Edge of Extinction twist played out, I am totally bummed that Chris won. I was a Rick Devan’s fan all the way because he beat his way back into the game at the merge, and played his ass off to make it to the end! I so wanted him to win, but “Que Sera!” There’s nothing we mere mortals can do about how the finale went down, we just have to accept it and move on. I think the Edge of Extinction should have ended at the merge, then “The Jury” should have begun there with no further chance of people getting back in the game.
    Well, that’s my 2 cents… actually yours, I just agreed with you and added a 1/2 cent of my own.
    However, one thing I do want to say to you personally is: Thank you so very much for all your hard work and your wonderful updates you continuously provide! I for one thoroughly enjoy reading them and commenting along with everyone else; and yes I watch Amazing Race too, but I’m REALLY as always, looking forward to Big Brother (where I really get into the dishing dirt with everyone, I’ve barely commented on Survivor or Amazing Race)! So I’ll see all my fave peeps when Big Brother starts up, and of course you’re at the top of that list Lisa!!! ♥️🕷😁💕🐒🦎👌💦👍👣👙🌴✨🌔🌨🔥♥️🕷😁💕🐒🦎👌💦👍👣👙🌴✨🌔🌨🔥
    “SURVIVOR OUT” (till next time)
    Sincerely Lisa,
    Thank you again for all you do,
    Patti G

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  2. deb

    Thanks Lisa for a great recap as always and all season long. I was so disappointed with the finale. I hated the EofE twist. It just sucked. Chris played a great game for three days. I’m sure EofE wasn’t easy but it was easier than having to worry about surviving tribal after tribal, finding idols and making alliances. I’m totally bummed. On a up note, I was happy Rick won the Sia award. I was afraid Wendy was going to win that.

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  3. marcellagwin

    Well… I’m going to be in the minority here, but I’ll say it anyway… if Devens couldn’t win, I’m glad Chris did. It was a bit of poetic justice that it came down to fire between Rick & Chris. Ultimately, it was Ricks own guilt that was his demise… guilt on backstabbing Chris in the first place. I could never seem to “like” Gavin or Julie. Just when I thought I did like them, they’d do something underhanded to another player… and there ya go. They definitely did the “outlast” piece, but their failure to connect with enough of the other players was their ultimate failure. Whether it was Deven or Chris at the end, either one of them would have won.

    I didn’t like the Extinction Island twist, but I understand it. Almost every season, the weak gang up on the strong to get rid of them as early as possible. I think this twist was set up to give the strong a chance to get back in the game, (and the former players that have never won). Granted, players also often vote out the annoying… and thank goodness for that… but the real Survivor Production question is… how can they make a winner from strong player with actual survival skills like Joe or Ozzy; who both are awesome survivors with decent personalities and huge Survivor fan bases. Jeff asked Joe if he thought a player “like him” could ever win Survivor.. and would Joe return to play Survivor again? Of course he answered “yes” and “yes”. But we all know that neither Joe, nor Ozzy, nor any other player (Stephanie) like them will ever win because it’s not in their DNA to “out-lie” or “out-backstab” anyone.

    So I say, good for Chris, a player not unlike a Joe or Ozzy in Survivor survival skills (getting food and actually surviving), but he definitely showed that he does have the lying/manipulating gene, and it seems that part of Survivor play weighs heavier than any other. Neither Gavin nor Julie would have survived without the food provided by others and the rice ration from the Survivor gods…

    Boston Rob… the guy I have a love/hate relationship with, and Sandra, who I can’t stand and I still haven’t figured out how she won the first time! Should be interesting next fall… wonder if Rob made a deal for conjugal visits from “Am-buh” during his 39 days?

    That’s all I’ve got! Bring on BB!

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  4. slunshne

    Thank you Lisa for all your good work, I look forward to your blog every single week. In this cast though, Gavin and Julie were back benchers hanging on to others for dear life so I’m sort of glad Chris came along to win. At least he is personable and obviously well liked. The whole Edge thing really took the heart out of the game this year, making it one of the bottom in terms of favorites, everything you say about the rigs true for me also. Thanks again and see you next time.

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  5. Sammi O'Leary

    Excellent write up Lisa. I agree with everything you said and with the passion you stated it with. I hated that Chris came in and won Devens’ game even though I loved the way he did it. That was a real shocker but a totally gamer move. It’s the only way he could win the game. If it had been Devens in the final 3, he totally would have won. If it had been the 3 it was and one of the other 2 had beat out Devens in the fire making challenge, Gavin would have totally taken the whole thing.

    I hate the Edge of Extinction premise. I didn’t mind that Devens went to the Edge and came back but maybe it should have ended then. No one should have been able to come back in that late in the game. Just my opinion. Maybe I’m just mad because I wanted Devens to win. It feels like he got robbed. =0)

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  6. tedstrutz

    I could not have said it better, Lisa. I had a feeling this would happen. The bond Chris formed with people on ExIsle, and their bitterness, won the game for him. I think they should have made the jury the last nine people voted out. Not a fan of ExIsle at all. Yes he made some great moves and that made for great Survivor TV, but he did not play the game. He is a nice guy, but I don’t think he was deserving.

    I love Sandra! And Boston Rob is one of my faves, looking forward to seeing the next season. We have to remember, We Will Never See Pure Survivor played again. But who knows, that may be a new twist… Survivor without any twists.

    I loved seeing that David is writing for TV, and with Cockran, how cool is that?

    Thank You, Lisa Marie Bowman for writing about Survivor for us. See you over at your TAR blog. xoxo

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