The Amazing Race 31.5 “I’m A Bird, I’m A Plane, I’m on the Amazing Race” and 31.6 “Who Wants a Rolodex?”

Last night, CBS aired two episodes of The Amazing Race, probably to make up for last week when the show was preempted by the Survivor finale.

The first episode found the teams in Dubai, which was a lot of fun.  The 2nd episode followed them to Uganda, which was considerably less fun, if just because it saw the return of the Head-to-Head competition at the pit stop.  Each team had to beat another team in a head-to-head match-up before they could proceed to the pit stop.  This is something that was introduced last season and, to me, it just doesn’t seem to be true to the spirit of the Amazing Race.

For the most part, last night’s two hours seemed to be all about the luck of Rachel and Elissa.  The sisters had terrible luck while actually racing.  They consistently struggled with the roadblock and the detours.  They got stuck with a terrible taxi driver in Dubai.  I spent most of last night convinced that we were finally going to see the RIley sisters eliminated from the race.  (Rachel would have been devastated while Elissa doesn’t seem like she really cares one way or the other.)  However, their luck changed whenever they reached the pit stop.

For instance, in Dubai, the Riley sisters came in last and guess what?  It turned out to be a non-elimination leg!  Then, in Uganda, they managed to beat Britney and Janelle in the Head-to-Head.  That allowed them to come in 2nd to last.  Unfortunately, it also meant that Britney and Janelle were eliminated for the race.

I’ve always liked Britney and, to a lesser extent, Janelle and I was sorry to see them eliminated last night.  However, I really wasn’t surprised to see them go.  Britney and Janelle has struggled during nearly every leg of the race.  The skills that helped them out in Big Brother weren’t much help when it came to trying to race around the world.  So, while Rachel and Elissa barely survived to race another day, we said a sad goodbye to Britney and Janelle.

Here’s how everyone else did last night:

Coming in 1st in Uganda (and, before that, 4th in Dubai), Tyler & Korey!  After struggling for much of the race, Tyler and Korey finally achieved their first 1st place finish of the season.  They’re still a strong team, even if they haven’t quite dominated the race like they did the last time they ran it.

Coming in 2nd in Uganda (and third in Dubai), Colin and Christie!  Colin and Christie continue to be one of the most consistently strong teams competing this season.  They have yet to finish anywhere lower than 4th place.

Coming in 3rd in Uganda (and fifth in Dubai), Nicole and Victor!  If Colin and Christie are the most consistently strong team, Nicole and Victory are a close second.

Coming in 4th in Uganda (and 2nd in Dubai), Chris and Bret.  They may have struggled at the start of the race but Chris and Bret have definitely found their rhythm.  I would be surprised if they won but I could definitely see them coming in 4th or 3rd.

Coming in 5th in Uganda (and 1st in Dubai), Becca and Floyd.  As you can tell by their two finishes last night, Becca and Floyd are struggling with consistency.  One leg, they’ll run a strong race.  On the next leg, they’ll struggle.  Phil obviously loves Team Fun but I have my doubts that they’ll be around for too much longer.

Coming in 6th in Uganda (and 7th in Dubai), Leo and Jamal.  The biggest surprise of this season is just how much Leo and Jamal have struggled over nearly every leg.  For a team that’s been so strong in the past, it’s weird to see them consistently at the back of the pack.

Coming in 7th in Uganda (and 8th in Dubai), Rachel and Elissa.  Interestingly, Rachel is a lot more stable while racing with her sister than with Brendon but she’s also not finishing as well as she did during those seasons when she had a meltdown every episode.

Coming in 8th in Uganda (and 6th in Dubai), the now eliminated Britney and Janelle.  They were a likable team but they struggled from the start.

Next week, our remaining racers go from Uganda to Switzerland!  We’ll see what happens!




4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 31.5 “I’m A Bird, I’m A Plane, I’m on the Amazing Race” and 31.6 “Who Wants a Rolodex?”

  1. betty

    Nice write up Lisa Marie. You would think Rachel would cut out the whining on this third time around. I am sure she has seen herself whine on the first two go rounds, so why does she continue to whine and make a fool of herself? SMH

    I am still not a fan of Colin’s and no matter how well he holds his temper, it seems this is the only thing he talks about and I am tired of him bragging about this! Who brags about being nice?

    Love Nicole and Victor, along with Becca and Floyd and Chris and Bret. I hope all these teams go a long way in the race.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tedstrutz

      I think that the producers want each team to be shown a certain way and get them to react that way. Kind of like a theme for each team. Like, the gay guys getting all emotional about gay rights, mothers wanting to show their daughters to be strong, and so on. That’s why we see so much of
      Colin going on and on. As far as Rachel goes, she is a drama queen and was putting on a show, look how many times Elissa told her to stop. I’m with you on the three teams. But I do love watching the Afganimals and their plight.


  2. tedstrutz

    I guess my big comment didn’t post. I was on my phone and probably screwed up. I won’t try to recreate it. I agree with you, LMB, about the head to head. It’s not right, as the team that goes first and loses is better equipped to win the next time they play against someone new. That was unfair to B&J. Both those teams had a tough leg with bad cabbies. It was a shame that Janelle got hung up on the watch and went the wrong direction. But that’s the race. As much as I love Rachel and the entertainment she provides, I like watching Brit more, I’ve always liked her a lot from BB and I liked Janelle better here than on BB.


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