The Amazing Race 31.8 “You’re The Apple In My Eye”

Well, it finally happened!

The Riley sisters are no longer in the race.

To be honest, it’s not a surprise that Rachel and Elissa were eliminated tonight.  They’ve pretty much been at the back of the pack ever since the Race started and it’s hard not to feel that the only thing that kept them from being eliminated before tonight was pure luck.  Tonight, their luck ran out.  After spending the season alienating the other teams, they were double u-turned tonight.  Colin and Christie were also double u-turned but they’re a strong team and were able to take it in stride.  Rachel and Elissa, on the other hand….

Would Rachel had done better if she had been racing with Brendon than with Elissa?  It’s hard to say.  Rachel didn’t have as many emotional breakdowns while racing with her sister as she did during the two times that she raced with her husband.  At the same time, Brendon was an instinctive competitor who hated to lose and, even when Rachel was totally falling apart, he still always kept her moving.  Elissa, on the other hand, never seemed like she particularly cared about winning the Race.

Rachel and Elissa are out of the race now.  Through some clever editing tricks, the show made it look like Rachel and Elissa came a lot closer to surviving than the actually did.  But if you actually watch carefully, it’s obvious that they were running behind for the entire leg.  The show may have been edited to make it look like the Rileys were mere minutes behind the Afghanimals but it was hard not to notice that there weren’t any other teams anywhere near the mat when the sisters finally showed up at the pit stop.

Along with the elimination of Rachel and Elissa, the other big news from tonight’s episode is that Colin and Christie are such a consistently strong team that even being u-turned couldn’t keep them from finishing in third place!  As well, Tyler and Korey seem to have found a groove that’s working for them and Chris and Bret continue to show themselves to be an underrated team.

Last night’s episode also featured an Amazing Race first.  For the first time, the teams voted for who they wanted to give the double U-turn too.  Here’s how the votes broke down:

Rachel and Elissa voted for Colin and Christie.

Nicole and Victor votes for Leo and Jamal, even though Nicole actually wanted to vote for Rachel and Elissa.

Colin and Christie voted for Rachel and Elissa.

Leo and Jamal and Becca and Floyd voted for Colin and Christie.

Tyler and Korey voted for Nicole and Victor.

Chris and Bret voted for Rachel and Elissa, which caused Rachel to throw a hissy fit.

Personally, I liked the voting.  It added a new wrinkle to the Amazing Race.  Since Colin and Christie and Rachel and Elissa got the most votes, they got the Double U-Turn.  Colin and Christie received their votes because they’re viewed as being the biggest threat to win the race.  Rachel and Elissa, meanwhile, received their U-Turn because Chris and Bret found them to be annoying.  Personally, I probably would have voted for Rachel and Elissa too.

Here’s how everyone finished tonight:

Coming in 1st for the 3rd time in a row, Tyler and Korey!  Tyler and Korey look strong right now but they still seem like they might fall apart the minute they have any bad luck.

Coming in 2nd, Bret and Chris.  For the oldest team on the race, Chris and Bret are doing surprisingly well.  They’re still searching for their first 1st place finish.

Coming in 3rd, Colin and Christie.  After tonight, Colin and Christie seem like they may be unstoppable.

Coming in 4th, Becca and Floyd.  Team Fun seems to be permanently stuck in the middle of the pack,

Coming in 5th, Nicole and Victor.  Nicole and Victor are an inconsistent team.  When they’re strong, they’re very strong but when they struggle, they really struggle.

Coming in 6h, Leo and Jamal.  The Afghanimals have struggled this season, especially when it comes to trying to follow maps.  Their time may be nearly be up.

And, finally, coming in last and getting eliminated, Rachel and Elissa.

Next week, the action moves from Switzerland to Croatia.  Will Tyler and Korey’s luck continue?  Will the Afghanimals luck run out?

We’ll find out next week!

Lisa Marie


7 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 31.8 “You’re The Apple In My Eye”

  1. deb

    Thanks for the recap. I’m so glad Rachel and Elyssa are gone. Would it be too much to ask (and hope) to never see Rachel Reilly ever again?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. marsha47

    I am so glad the Rileys are gone. deb, I agree with you. Enough is enough with Rachel. I didn’t know they were that far behind. I fell for their great editing and thought it was almost a photo finish. I like Korey and Tyler and their whole attitude.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tedstrutz

    On one hand I hate to see Rachel go, on the other I am glad. You are right about Elissa, she only went on the race so her sister could go. Funny how when Rachel was thanking everyone who made her race career she didn’t mention Brendon. So I guess she is tied for most legs since she didn’t complete this one. Hopefully this is the last time on TAR for her. What’s next, Survivor? That I would Love to see. Oh wait, she could divorce Brendon and be the next Bachelorette!!!

    Good challenges, I loved seeing Becca swinging that scythe! The Crossbow one was fun. Victor needs to take that whiny Nicole over his knee and give her a good spanking.

    The Afganers better get it together with their navigating. Maybe just follow someone else next time like Fun Team.


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