The Amazing Race 31.9 “Let’s Split!”

Well, so much for Chris and Bret.

I have to admit that, when the Race began, I never thought that I’d care about whether or not Chris and Bret were eliminated.  I didn’t really like either one of them on Survivor and, as one of the older and less physically fit teams on this season of the Race, it seemed probable that they would be one of the first teams out.

However, Chris and Bret really won me over.  They may have had a rough start but they never gave up and, in their own low-key way, they emerged as legitimate contenders to win the season.  If nothing else, they’ll always be remembered as the team who voted to give Rachel and Elissa the double U-turn that knocked the Riley sisters out of the race.

Unfortunately, last night, Chris and Bret ran out of luck.  The race moved from Switzerland to Croatia and, despite briefly being in the lead, Chris and Bret got hung up at the Detour.  There were two options: Teams could either use a metal detector to search for coins in the ocean or they could memorize a poem while riding in a large flying tube.  Chris and Bret started with the coins, switched over to the poem, then went back to the coins, and then returned to the poem.  They didn’t have much luck with either one but I think it was the constant switching that doomed them.  If they had stuck with the treasure hunt, I think they would have survived this leg.  But, instead, they let their frustrations get the better of them and they went from finishing in 2nd place last week to getting eliminated this week.  Still, they ran a good race and they should be proud of themselves.

With Chris and Bret gone, that means that all of the Survivor players have been eliminated from the race.  We have five teams left.  One — Nicole and Victor — is a Big Brother team.  The other four are all alumni of The Amazing Race.

Here’s how everyone did:

Coming in 1st, Tyler and Korey.  Again.  Yawn.  Tyler and Korey’s streak of 1st place finishes is impressive but it’s also kind of boring.  Still, they seem to be the prohibitive favorites to win the race at this point.

Coming in 2nd, Nicole and Victor.  It occurred to me last night that Victor has pretty much carried this team through almost every leg of the race.  Still, it seems to be working out well for them.

Coming in 3rd, Becca and Floyd.  I’m a bit over Team Fun.  I’ve noticed that they tend to be really sneaky and bitter but we’re not supposed to notice because of Becca’s stupid little fun meter.  They seem to be a strong team but I would rule out karma sneaking up and knocking them out of the race before the final leg.

Coming in 4th, Colin and Christie.  Even though they had to go back to get their roaming gnome, Colin and Christie still managed a 4th place finish.  They’ve been the most consistently strong team this season and I still think they could easily win the whole thing if they make it to the final leg.  (Unfortunately, for them, there’s one more double u-turn coming up and, unless they reach it before any of the other teams, it’s hard to envision a scenario where it isn’t used on them.)

Coming in 5th, Leo and Jamal.  What a strange race it’s been for Leo and Jamal!  They work well together but they always seem to have bad luck with directions.  At the same time, they’ve also had enough good luck that they’ve managed to avoid getting eliminated.  Still, they seem to be in the weakest position of all the remaining racers.

And finally, coming in 6th, Chris and Bret.  Luck was not with them last night.

Finally, here’s some good news: The Amazing Race has been renewed!  Season 32 was filmed last November and it’ll air next year!

Lisa Marie

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 31.9 “Let’s Split!”

  1. marcellagwin

    I’m still totally team Nic&Vic, but I’ve also become a fan girl of Colin & Christie… (yes, I just said that!). With the luck Nic&Vic had last night, they are oozing with good karma.. at least right now!

    I completely agree with you on the rest of the crowd… especially “team fun” who are simply no fun for me… yawn…

    Great that TAR has been renewed. I really hope there are some newbies though. I’ve grown tired of seeing the same old faces on every CBS reality show… well, unless TAR would like to team up Ozzy & Joe for a race! (Okay, I’m just crushing… that’s all…)

    Great review as always! Almost time for BB!


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