The Amazing Race 31.10 — “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!”

Well, so much for Team Fun.

Becca and Floyd were the type of team that viewers either hated or they loved.  There didn’t seem to be much middle ground when it came to how people reacted to Team Fun.  You either enjoyed their unique mix of the goofy and the ruthless or you spent every leg hoping that they would be eliminated.  Personally, I was never a huge Team Fun fan, though I did like Floyd a lot more than I liked Becca.  However, I know that many readers of the blog disagree with me.  Unlike some of the other teams this race — like two certain sisters — Team Fun definitely had as many fans as they had disparagers.  So, I will say this: Team Fun was a strong team and ultimately, it took a double u-turn to knock them out.  Floyd and Becca are unique in that, during all of their appearances on the Amazing Race, they never got mad at each other.  They seem to have a good and genuine friendship and, as Phil pointed out last night, that’s worth a lot.

(You can always tell when Phil likes or dislikes a team.  For instance, he doesn’t seem to care much for the Afghanimals this time around.  However, you can tell that he really, really liked Team Fun.)

The show’s editors worked hard last night to make it appear as if the race was closer than it actually was.  Actually, if I had to guess, I’d say that Becca and Floyd were put so far behind as a result of being u-turned that there was never any serious chance of them not coming in last and getting eliminated.  So now, with Team Fun gone, there’s only four teams left and next week is the finale.

So, who do we have left?

First off, we’ve got Colin and Christie!  They came in first last night and I think they’re definitely the front runners to win it all.  The first time that Colin and Christie were on the show, they were super-intense and Colin was portrayed as being the season’s villain.  (Afterward, Colin was quite vocal about being displeased about the way he was portrayed on the show.  In fact, he was so outspoken that I was initially surprised to learn that he had been invited back.)  This season, we’ve seen a new Colin and Christie.  They’re positive.  They’re working well together.  They’re not taking things personally.  And it’s working for them!  Since the season began, they’ve been the most consistently strong team and, if they keep it up, I can easily see them winning next week.

If Colin and Christie don’t win, it’ll probably be Tyler and Korey.  After struggling during the first few legs of the race, they’ve come on strong over the past few legs.  If Tyler and Korey have a weakness, it’s that they sometimes have a difficult time dealing with the minor problems that always crop up during the race.  If Tyler and Korey are comfortably in first place, they’re positive and they work well together.  But, as soon as they can’t get a taxi or they take a wrong turn, they get frustrated and spend more time complaining about the problem than looking for a solution.  That’s a weakness that has taken down many teams in the finale.  That said, Tyler and Korey definitely have a good chance of winning.

Leo and Jamal came in third last night but that was mostly because everyone behind them got u-turned.  The Afghanimals are the weakest team left in the race.  They’re not bad at challenges but they’re terrible when it comes to following directions.  If any team could get lost on the way to the final pit stop, it would be Leo and Jamal.

And finally, we have Victor and Nicole.  Last night, we really saw both the strengths and the weaknesses of this team.  Their main strength is that Victor can do just about anything.  Their main weakness is that Nicole can’t.  That said, considering how weak the Afghanimals are, I could still imagine Victor and Nicole finishing in third place.

So, here are my prediction for next week:

1st place — Colin and Christie

2nd place — Tyler and Korey

3rd place — Victor and Nicole

We’ll find out if I’m right next Wednesday!

Lisa Marie

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 31.10 — “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!”

  1. theycallmetater

    Last night solidified how much I like Victor and Nicole and how much I don’t like the Afghanimals this time. I thought I would be OK with any of the 5 winning but last night I was pulling for Victor and Nicole to make it, even over Team Fun. I really wanted the Afghanimals to mess and and lose last night. I would be happy with anyone but them winning at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marsha47

    I honestly was kind of sad to see them get eliminated last night. I like that they never fought and that for the most part they were happy and fun.

    I agree with having lost any desire to see Afghanimals win anything. I liked them before but not this time. Victor and Nicole have been doing really good in spite of Nicole. I really like Victor. Hope they make it in the top 3.


  3. deb

    Thanks for the recap Lisa Marie. As always, great job!
    I was a little sorry to see Team Fun eliminated last night. I would have preferred the Afghanimals to be eliminated. They are just mean. Yes, Victor and Nicole voted for them but the Reillys and Colin/Christie had more votes so nothing happened to Afghanimals yet they were still spiteful especially when Jamal said happy birthday Nicole after u-turning them. I don’t know how Victor can stand to hear Nicole whine ALL THE TIME! I’ve spent less than eight hours with her this season and she is driving me crazy. I’m not a fan of Colin/Christie. Something just bugs me about them. Anyway, looking forward to the finale.


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