Survivor 39.5 “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds”

Tom Ladlow, the 5th to be voted out

I was really looking forward to the big tribal swap that took place last night on Survivor but I have to admit that the majority of the episode got on my nerves.

First off, there’s the fact that Survivor is now apparently sponsored by Applebee’s.  The reward challenge was a big Applebees meal and as soon as the Survivors heard the name Applebees, they started jumping up and down and screaming and I was just like, “They’re kind of overdoing it.”  Then Jeff Probst said that this was one of the biggest rewards in Survivor history: “Applebees in Fiji!”  Really, Jeff?  It reminded of Big Brother, when the houseguests have to pretend to be excited whenever Julie Chen say anything.

Secondly, there’s the fact that Karishma once again survived, even though she’s the weakest player out there.  I can understand that logic.  Karishma said that she would permanently ally herself with the members of her new tribe while Tom was still seen as being loyal to the old Lairo Tribe.  But still, Karishma is such a weak player and doesn’t even seem to be trying to be anything other than a drag in challenges and I have this fear that she’s going to get carried to the final, just because everyone will fell that she’ll be easy to beat.

Finally, nobody went the Island of the Idols last night.  I don’t think Island of the Idols is a great twist, to be honest.  But if you’re going to go through all the trouble of building statues of Boston Rob and Sandra, you should at least use them.

As for the tribal shakeup, here’s where everyone ended up.

The New Lairo Tribe

Tom (Former Lairo)

Karishma (Former Lairo)

Dean (Former Lairo)

Janet (Former Vokai)

Kellee (Former Vokai)

Jack (Former Vokai)

Noura (Former Vokai)

Jamal (Former Vokai)

The New Vokai Tribe

Lauren (Former Vokai)

Jason (Former Vokai)

Tommy (Former Vokai)

Dan (Former Vokai)

Aaron (Former Lairo)

Elisabeth (Former Lairo)

Missy (Former Lairo)

Elaine (Former Lairo)

Since the new Vokai tribe has four from the Lairo Tribe and 4 from the old Vokai tribe, it would have been interesting to see them go to tribal.  Instead, the new Lairo Tribe lost immunity (largely due to Karishma) and they went to tribal where the members of the original Lairo Tribe where outnumbered by the old Vokai members.  Despite Tom and Dean trying to get everyone on board with getting rid of Karisma, the original Vokai members all voted for Tom.

And so, Karishma survives again, despite bringing nothing to the game.


Lisa Marie



12 thoughts on “Survivor 39.5 “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds”

  1. deb

    How did Karishma even make it through casting? She puts in no effort at all — at camp, in challenges or with teammates. She is just wasted space. I was surprised they got rid of Tom though.

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  2. marsha47

    I agree with everything you said Lisa. I have seen it too many times in the past that a lousy player just keeps moving on because people believe she can easily be beat at “some point” but not right now. It makes for a terribly boring season.

    I wish we could get some fun and excitement going.

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    1. star227

      Seems lately they tend to keep people that are weak because they think they can control them and always get rid if them Later. What happened to really get into the spirit of Survivor and keeping people that help the team win? They also seem to expect if they get too hungry they will get bailed out by some big feast from one of their advertisers. This isn’t good and seems to be showing a downward trend to an aging Survivor.


  3. betty

    If there was a reward for complaining Karishma would win. Usually I feel sorry for an underdog, but I definitely have no sympathy for her. I have no idea how she made it on the show, other than her ethic background and probable lies to production about her puzzle skills. I am an avid hockey fan and I hated to see Tom go, but I think I understand their reasoning. He is a likable guy and loyal, but he didn’t contribute much to the challenges due to his age. Then too, most of them knew he made big bucks playing with the New York Rangers and LA Kings.

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. I did miss Boston Rob and Sandra in last night’s episode, but at least we saw them at the tribal council. Have a good week!

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  4. star227

    Hey Lisa! You took the thoughts right out of my head! And then wrote them down much better than I would have. lol
    I was excited that the Show was getting on your nerves. Ditto!! It’s seeming more like BB than Survivor. And I’m a big BB fan! Keeping the floaters and dragging them to the end lots of gossipy back biting and really not a lot of teamwork. At least on BB I usually agree with who they evict. And see the reason. There doesn’t seem to be any that makes sense here. And in recent seasons it seems everyone strong or like able seem
    To get voted out. Either because of jealousy or fear. That makes whoever’s left look like mean losers. We end up with no one like able.
    I wasn’t surprised that Karisma didn’t go but I should have been. She’s a worthless whiner and if we can see and feel it certainly they should. I was shocked Tom went but then it seems I’m always shocked anymore but really thot Dean was the goner.
    And I said at the end of the show when Rob and Sandra were crouching in their hidey spot… hey.. we haven’t seen them all nite. Huh.
    It just feel like it’s changing. Like the show and the players are all getting a bit complacent. IMHO. 😏


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