Survivor 39.7 “I Was Born At Night But I Wasn’t Born Last Night”

Jack, the first member of the jury

I have to admit that I found myself getting really annoyed with Survivor last night.  It took me a while to figure out just why exactly I was so annoyed and finally, I narrowed it down to two things:

First off, I don’t feel like I know any of these people.  I’m still not sure who is who or how they all feel about each other.  Trying to keep track of who has an idol and who doesn’t has become nearly impossible.  So far, the show has been dominated by Boston Rob and Sandra, hanging out on their island and being snarky at tribal council.  Seven episodes in and I still don’t have any sort of emotional attachment to anyone on the show.  (I had totally forgotten Janet was even on the show until she got sent to the Island of Idols tonight.)  I don’t care about these people and, as such, I really don’t care who wins or who goes home.

Secondly, this episode featured one of those moments where Jeff Probst tried to make the argument that Survivor is a microcosm of the world at large.  This happened during tribal council, when Kellee said it was sexist for Jamal to fear an all-women’s alliance and then Noura said that there was definitely an all-women’s alliance.  Instead of asking Kellee how she felt about Noura directly contradicting her claim that there was no all-women’s alliance, Jeff went on a tangent about how Survivor really is a social experiment and how everything in the game reflect society as a whole and blah blah blah.  No offense to Jeff, who I normally adore as host, but Survivor‘s worst moments are always when it pretend to be about anything more than a group of people competing for a million dollars.  Survivor has not been a social experiment for a very long time.  It’s a reality competition show.

As for tribal, it was weird.  Kellee didn’t want her idol to go to waste so she can gave it to Dean.  (I had totally forgotten that Kellee even had an idol and I’m probably not alone in that.)  Dean was the target but, since he played his idol, none of the votes against him counted.  As a part of the deal with Kellee made with Dean, Dean then proceeded to join with Kellee in voting out Jack.  Kellee felt that Jack had too many friends and that he was a threat to make it to the end.  Kellee was probably right but it was still a shame to see him go.  Of course, Jack really isn’t gone.  He’s the first member of the jury so he’ll be around for the rest of the season.

For reasons that I still don’t get, Jamal used his idol to keep Noura safe.  No one voted for Noura.  No one was planning on voting for Noura.  Noura said she wanted an all-women’s alliance.  Jamal’s main fear is that an all-women’s alliance with take him out.  I’m not sure what was going through Jamal’s head.  Maybe he thinks Noura and the all-women’s alliance will want to work with him now.  Who knows?

Anyway, next week — it’s time for the merge!  Hopefully, after the merge, we’ll get to know these people.  Because, so far, I’m still fairly indifferent to the majority of them.

We’ll see what happens next week!

Lisa Marie

9 thoughts on “Survivor 39.7 “I Was Born At Night But I Wasn’t Born Last Night”

  1. marcellagwin

    I can’t disagree with you on the “still don’t know these people”. I feel much the same way. I have yet to experience much of the “oh no! Don’t vote them out!” Emotion as is typical of Survivor tribal councils. To quote Rhett… “frankly my dear, I just don’t give a damn”… there’s just too much going on besides playing… while I do enjoy players visits with Rob & Sandra, I’ve largely found it an unnecessary, time-consuming distraction.. sorry Rob & Sandra… I do imagine I would be just as “gob-smacked” as this seasons players who arrive to see the giant idol heads and then the emergence of the pair of Survivor legends…

    Kellee showed some serious strategy and game play last night, which will probably lead to her early demise since this crowd largely lacks any type of real unity or alliance. While Dean should probably be thanking his lucky stars for Kellee’s strategic save of his sorry butt, it appears from the previews, he immediately begins to plot her exit to the Ponderosa.

    For the first time in a long time, I’m pulling for an all girl alliance. If this rag-tag bunch of females could get it together, they could actually pull it off… and then ultimately one of them could win a million bucks… will that happen? Who knows… only time and a few tribals will tell…

    On with the merge!

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    1. Rosemary Schoemer

      I thought it was Dean in the previews also but it shocked me that he would turn on her so soon so I replayed that clip and i’m pretty sure I saw a beard and that would be Tom I could be wrong but whatever.

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      1. marcellagwin

        Being I was half asleep grading physiCs pop quizzes, maybe I should go back and recheck those quizzes too! Lol


  2. marsha47

    Thanks for your insight Lisa. I thought it was just me that was totally disengaged. Not sure how this whole show keeps me coming back. I like Sandra more now than I did when she was on the show herself. She makes me laugh. I really didn’t understand the idol being used for Noara when no one had been threatening her. I can only guess that it was a move to make her trust him. Maybe better next week.

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  3. sunshine

    “Dean then proceeded to join with Kellee in voting out Jack.” Nope, Noura was the only other vote against Jack, Kelley pretended to go along with the tribe and voted Dean. I know, surprised me too.

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  4. betty

    I too am having problems getting to know the players this time around, although each season I write all the tribe members down (according to their tribes) and put a star beside their name if they find an idol, once used, I cross out the star. I know it may seem strange, but I am in my 70’s and I can’t remember SH__! I was so worried for Kellee last night because I thought maybe someone would see her talking to Dean or maybe even have seen her give Dean something. She definitely has come to play, but unfortunately it looks like Dean will turn on her next week! He will have the evidence too, as Kellee told Dean to vote for Jack, then asked Noura to vote for him too. I am sure Dean will convince everyone the second vote for Jack was made by Kellee! She took a big chance to save Dean and from the previews, it looks like this was a bad decision. Hopefully she can talk her way out of this mess next week and turn the tables back on Dean!

    Even if I am having a hard time getting to know the players, I am still enjoying Boston Rob and Sandra. Wish they had shown how far Rob has come along with the fancy shelter he is building! Next season should be really exciting seeing a cast of only past winners playing against each other. I wonder if Sandra and Boston Rob will agree to work together in order to make it to the end.

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. Hope you have a great week!

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