Survivor 39.10 “Bring on the Bacon”

Over the past two episodes of Survivor, Karma has just been on a rampage.

Two weeks ago, both Aaron and Missy — both of whom had defended Dan and tried to sell out Janet at the previous tribal council — were sent to the jury.  Then, last night, their ally Elizabeth joined them!

Really, it’s no surprise that Elizabeth went to the jury.  She’s an athlete, so there was always a good chance that she could win immunity.  Add to that, she was a part of the group that controlled the early part of the game and, if she had stuck around, she probably could have worked her way into a new alliance.  Getting rid of Elizabeth at the nearest opportunity made sense.

Instead, what’s surprising is that the initial plan was to get rid of Karishma.  Almost the entire tribe had decided that it was time for Karishma to go, despite the fact that Karishma is not good at challenges, doesn’t have much of a social game to speak of, and is basically not a threat to beat anyone in a final three situation.  Karishma’s been targeted since nearly day one, largely because I think she’s gets on people’s nerves.  However, what her tribemates did not realize is that Karishma had an immunity idol.  When she played it at tribal, that meant that none of the 7 votes that were cast for her counted.  Dan had voted for Janet and Karishma had voted for Elizabeth, which led to a 1-1 tie.  For the revote, Janet and and Elizabeth could not vote and the rest of the tribe had to choose between the two of them.  By a unanimous 7-0 vote, Elizabeth was then sent to the jury.

It was an entertaining tribal.  Along with Karishma using her idol at exactly the right moment, Dean attempted to play the fake legacy advantage that Jamal had earlier given to him.  Lauren then played her own immunity idol, which she had gone to such trouble to get and which would have still been good next week.  I’m not sure what Lauren was thinking because absolutely nobody was targeting her.

Up until she wasted her idol, Lauren was actually pretty impressive last night.  We discovered that she has a very strong alliance with Tommy.  When she went to the Island of the Idols, she was told that she would win an immunity idol that would be good for two weeks if she could correctly predict who won the immunity challenge.  Fortunately, for her, immunity was an endurance challenge that came with a counter offer.  Anyone who wanted to eat breakfast could sit out the challenge and do so.  After predicting that either Noura or Elizabeth would win immunity, Lauren and Tommy then managed to manipulate everyone else into taking the food instead of playing for immunity.  In the end, only Karishma, Elizabeth, and Noura competed for immunity and Karishma on lasted for a few minutes.  Lauren won her idol But then she used it when she didn’t have to, which could be costly mistake if she gets targeted next week.

All in all, this was a good episode.  Seeing Elizabeth voted out was satisfying and with all of the big challenge threats (except for Noura) now on the jury, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Lisa Marie

6 thoughts on “Survivor 39.10 “Bring on the Bacon”

  1. tedstrutz

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa and Erin! And everyone else who is a Survivor fan here, especially my BFF Betty.

    It was a very good episode, after the last couple. I hated to see Eliz go, but made sense. K must be driving everyone crazy. I would not say Lauren wasted her idol, you can’t take a chance on Survivor. How many think they are safe and walk out with one in their pocket? Or 2? She and Tommy played that perfectly. They are my faves at the moment. At least the I of the I segment made some sense this time and was fun. Lauren is a smart cookie, and my female in our pool, so I’m team Lauren all the way now.

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  2. sammiofusa

    I was so excited to see Elizabeth go. I was totally disappointed in Janet and Elaine for eating breakfast. I hated that the girls went through Karishima’s bag but was extremely proud of her for keeping the idol in her arm pit. KARMA!

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  3. betty

    Last night’s episode was great, although I wanted to punch through my TV set and slap that better than thou look off Karishima’s face. I don’t know how much more I can take of her and I certainly don’t want to see anyone take her to the end. Noura is a hoot and seems to have settled down a bit. I thought Lauren was a fool to use her idol, but I can’t say I blame her because just about every tribal council has been a blindside.

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. marcellagwin

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Last nights episode was a good one! I think Betty probably summed up the whole tribes feelings about Karishma. She’d be a fairly decent player if she weren’t so darned annoying! Well… she’s smart, but not physical in any way and zero social game… but smart! 😂 🤣
    My Allegiance seems to wax and wain with each new episode. I long for the days when we had the likes of an Ozzy or Joe… or maybe Boston Rob & Am-bugh.. btw.., did y’all see that Joe Anglim & Sierra Dawn tied the knot last weekend… ah Survivor Love!

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