Survivor 39.11 “A Very Simple Plan”

The lesson of last night’s episode of Survivor?

Don’t work with Noura.


Noura, with her outbursts and her unpredictable personality, can be hard to take and I have to admit that, last night, she got on my last nerve.  But seriously, this season would be so boring without her.  I mean, if we didn’t have Noura constantly going off, this entire season would just be Dan acting creepy, Elaine being annoying, Karishma crying, and Jeff Probst talking about “society.”  For better or worse, Noura keeps things interesting.

Noura came close to getting voted out last night and she really had no one to blame but herself.  She went into tribal council with no one plotting against her and then, as a result of her own paranoia and delusional nature, she managed to convince three people to try to vote her out.  Noura also freaked out Elaine to the extent that Elaine wasted the immunity idol that she had just found.  In the end, it was Karishma who went home on a vote of 5-3, which would seem to indicate that Noura’s going to be around for a while, just because she’s now seen as the one everyone can beat in the final three.

Originally, it looked like Tommy was going to be blindsided at Tribal.  It all went back to the reward challenge, in which the castaways won the chance to spend some time with their “loved ones.”  Janet and Tommy won the challenge and then selected Dan and Lauren (and their loved ones) to join them.  Dean, Karishma, Elaine, and Noura returned to camp.

At camp, Noura went on a tirade about how she should have been selected for reward and how she was ready to turn on Tommy and Lauren.  She led the group in searching for an immunity idol, which was ultimately found by Elaine.  The four of them decided that they would use the idol to blindside Lauren.  However, when Lauren won immunity, the target switched to Tommy because Tommy is Lauren’s closest ally.  Meanwhile, Dan, Tommy, Lauren, and Janet approached Noura and said the plan was to split their votes between Elaine and Karishma.

So, the plan was to use Elaine’s immunity idol to blindside Tommy but that didn’t last because Noura got paranoid.  She started to worry that Tommy might have an idol and then she worried that Elaine might not use her idol and Noura convinced herself that there was a chance that maybe this was all just an elaborate scheme to get her out of the game.  As Dean put it, the plan was a “very simple plan,” but nothing’s simple with Noura.

It all led to an absolutely insane tribal council.  Realizing that something was going to happen, Tommy asked Dean if he was the target.  Noura saw Tommy whispering to Dean and totally lost it.  (Noura wasn’t totally unjustified because Dean did tell Tommy that he was going to be getting votes.  Dean also told Tommy he wouldn’t vote for him, which may have been a lie.)  Noura announced that Elaine had an immunity idol and that the entire plan was to blindside Tommy and that she was mad about being left out of the reward but that she wasn’t going to betray her original alliance after all.  After a lot of rambling and accusations, the tribe finally voted and …. oddly, Tommy got no votes.  In the confusion, it looks like everyone abandoned the plan to vote for Tommy and Dan and Lauren — instead of voting for Elaine — voted for Noura instead.  Karishma also voted for Noura.  Meanwhile, everyone else voted for Karishma.  Elaine wasted her idol, playing it for herself.  By a vote of 5-3, Karishma joined the jury and everyone else returned to camp where they’ll probably spent the rest of the night listening to Noura yell.

It was an interesting episode.  I’m still not sure how thins got so crazy at tribal council but it was certainly entertaining to watch!

Lisa Marie

8 thoughts on “Survivor 39.11 “A Very Simple Plan”

  1. Deb

    Thanks for the recap Lisa Marie. Great as always.

    The only way to describe Noura is batshit crazy. I really don’t understand why everyone didn’t vote Noura after her stunt at tribal. There is no way I would ever trust her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sammiofusa

    I don’t believe Elaine wasted her idol after 3 idols went to jury. Elaine’s name was thrown out there.
    I don’t understand how they voted out Karishma though. Nora isn’t a sane ally. No one can trust her.


  3. betty

    Last night was one of the most entertaining tribal councils I have ever seen on Survivor! I really had a good laugh. Noura is definitely a bona fide fruit cake and honestly I hope she sticks around till the end. I like Lauren, but unfortunately, I think the writing is on the wall for her and her sidekick Tommy. I was happy to see Karishma go, only because I couldn’t take anymore of her whining and hopefully Dan will be evicted soon.

    Thanks for a another great write up Lisa Marie. Have a great week!


  4. sammiofusa

    Also, what about what Janet’s hubby said about her being a strong woman who stands with all women? Elizabeth and Missi really broke her of that. I can’t wait for the finale to see how this plays out. Janet being tied with Dan is the opposite of what Janet stands for. Just my opinion.


  5. marcellagwin

    The tribe voting Karishma out was emotional and short sited. Seems they have forgotten how many individual idols Noura has opponents. They missed their chance last night. Time will tell if was a huge mistake or not.

    Noura… I don’t think she’s crazy or a lunatic… I actually think she’s bipolar. If you’ve ever known a Bipolar person, you might recognize the trademark manic behavior she displayed last night. Especially the paranoia. She’s suppose to be a totally yoga person in a zen place… maybe they forgot to give her meds to her after the sand challenge?

    Karishma was annoying, but my family had begun to feel sorry for her and the way she was ostracized by her tribe mates, not that she didn’t deserve it. Survivors don’t like lazy people that contribute little of nothing to camp life. That was her actual downfall… everything else was just coals in the fire.

    This week… I’m team Dean. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. marcellagwin

    That should have said “how many individual immunities Noura has won”.

    Distracted by students suddenly entering classroom disregarding my lunch break! Lol… but they always do!


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