Survivor 39.12 “Just Go For It” (UPDATED)

(There’s an update at the end of this post with new information that I learned after posting.)

I’m still trying to put together my thoughts concerning last night’s episode of Survivor.

Am I glad that Dan is gone?  Yes, I am.

Do I wish he had been taken out of the game earlier?  I do.  In between the initial complaints about Dan and his expulsion from the game, Kellee, Jamal, Aaron, Missy, Elizabeth, Karishma, and Elaine were all voted out.  Some of these people I liked and quite a few, I didn’t.  However, regardless of how I feel about them, it still seems like all of them deserved to be in the game longer than Dan.

After Jeff Probst showed up on the beach and announced that Dan has been expelled from the game, I found myself thinking back to that tribal council where Dan argued that he would “never” do anything inappropriate.  When Jeff continued to challenge him on on it, Dan said, “You’re just not going to let this go, are you?”  Dan got quite worked up and emotional about it.  He said that he would watch his behavior and he would be more mindful of his actions.  And some people — like Janet — seemed to actually believe him.  I feel bad for Dan’s son, who got dragged onto national TV and who, for a while at least, will now be known as the son of the first player to ever get kicked off of Survivor.

We don’t know the exact details of the “other incident” that occurred off-camera.  After last night’s show aired, Jeff Probst announced that he would not be sharing the exact details because of “privacy concerns.”  I imagine that everyone involved with the show signs of nondisclosure agreement before each season begins so it’ll probably be a while before we get any definite answers as to what specifically happened.

What we do know is that Dan is gone and, for the first time in 39 seasons, the reunion show will not be aired live.  Because of “security concerns,” they’re taping the reunion show four hours before the airing of next week’s finale.  So, if anyone says anything about Dan’s behavior during the show, I imagine it will be edited out.

Dan is gone and so is Elaine.  In fact, Dan’s expulsion only took up the last 3 minutes or so of the show.  Before that, last night’s episode was all about Dean going to the Island of the Idols and winning an “Idol Nullifier” and Elaine getting voted out of the game.  To be honest, there was no real shock to Elaine getting voted out.  She was the obvious target and, when she didn’t win immunity, it was pretty obvious that the rest of the tribe would go after the player most likely to win the game.  The show tried to create some suspense by making it look like Noura might go instead but Noura is so crazy and disliked that you just know she’s going to get dragged to the final three.  In the end, only Elaine and Dan voted for Noura.  Everyone else voted for Elaine.  Elaine handled it with class and, while I never liked Elaine as much as the rest of the fandom did, I’m sorry to see her go.  Certainly, I wouldn’t complain if they brought her back for a future season.

So, next week is the finale and the final five players in the game are not particularly deserving.  I guess I’m hoping that Janet wins, though I wish she hadn’t been so quick to ally herself with Dan after Kellee and Jamal were voted out of the game.

Here’s your final five:

Lauren — Lauren has made some good moves but, for the most part, it seems like a lot of her success has been due to luck.

Janet — Janet has an idol.

Dean — Dean has an idol nullifier and a totally worthless, fake Legacy advantage.

Tommy — Tommy has spent most of the game just doing what everyone else wants.

Noura — Noura is the wild card, in more ways than one.  I have a feeling that she gets taken to the end because everyone will feel that they can beat her.

Anyway, my final three prediction is:

Dean, Tommy, and Noura with Dean winning.

We’ll see if I’m right next week!

Lisa Marie

UPDATE: According to People Magazine, Dan was climbing aboard the boat after an immunity challenge and he grabbed a member of production’s leg.  Dan said that he was trying to balance himself but the show’s producers felt that the incident was not an accident.


9 thoughts on “Survivor 39.12 “Just Go For It” (UPDATED)

  1. marsha47

    I think Dean will stay if he doesn’t lean on his “advantage” and think it will save him. Never a smart idea. I wish they could or would bring back Elaine because it happened right after she was evicted. I don’t like Noura and every time they think they are going to evict her, someone else ends up being more important. I wish they would just let her go already!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. betty

    I was disappointed Dean won immunity, along with the “Idol Nullifier’. There is just something about him I don’t care for. I actually thought the entire Dan matter was over and I was surprised he was taken off the show. I remember that tribal where Dan was adamant he did nothing wrong and I find it hard to believe, after being warned, Dan would do something so shocking he would be thrown off the show. I am not on his side or trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, I am just saying I don’t understand his behavior. I do hope whatever he did can stand up in court for I won’t be surprised to hear Dan has launch a huge lawsuit against CBS and if he wins, I hope it won’t be the end of our favorite show.

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie.


    1. marcellagwin

      CBS has DEEP pockets, but old Dan won’t win a dime. We live in the “me too” days. He’ll be lucky if the girls don’t get together and sue him and CBS. Those girls might walk away with lots of CBS cash! ( if CBS hasn’t already paid them off!)


  3. Sammi O'Leary

    I totally think you called the final 3 Lisa. I wanted Elaine to win it all. My second choice is Janet. I don’t care for anyone one else left in the game.

    As for Dan… I can’t wait to find out what could possibly be worse than him making those girls so uncomfortable with his creepy gropiness. Those girls couldn’t get away from him unless they left the game. CBS and the shows producers didn’t think anything of that. My mind has been in a filthy gutter trying to guess what he did to finally get the boot. I really hope we do find out to put this sickness that is in my head to rest.

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  4. marcellagwin

    OMG! Dan finally gone! I think CBS & Survivor made a mistake not taking him out weeks ago. They had his “touching” on video and could have just taken the girls word for it without the counseling sessions! But no, they wanted to play it out so they could look like they were on the right side of the “me too” movement… but they weren’t, because they let creepy stay for ratings and then finally kicked him off because “he grabbed a member of production’s leg“. Why did production’s complaint, not caught on video, count more than several females complaints viewed by millions?!? Because they needed creepy & the pretty girls for the ratings… as for Janet, why did she jump back on the Dan bandwagon so quickly.. because creepy wasn’t putting his hands all over her… she just couldn’t relate to what the girls were experiencing… (we actually discussed this in the teachers lounge after the tribal counseling episode aired). Bottom line, Dan’s a creep who’s personal life may now be pretty screwed up because of his behavior on Survivor. A sad epitaph.

    I thought Elaine made a great case for voting Noura out at Tribal, too bad the other 2 females were so short sited not to realize it! If they had, they would be in excellent position to win the game now that creepy has been ousted. If nothing else, they would have moved themselves up one notch in the pecking order… but, like good little soldiers, they went along with the men and voted out their best hope to get to F3.

    So, what’s left? Last week I said I was now on team Dean, but with no idea why… we’ll, I do know why… he’s playing the game… unfortunately the lack-luster Tommy finally figured that out, and with Lauren’s assistance, may be able to get rid of Dean unless he wins immunity. With Dean gone, the women may figure out that they have the advantage and vote Tommy out… in that case, I’ll go back to team Janet… and “Mom” would probably win.

    (When Janet wins, she will adopt Elaine and share her $million with her… ((my youngest son’s prediction. He’s a very innocent 13, so there’s that.)). I thought it might have legs until he mentioned sharing the winnings.)

    There must be some serious behind the scenes stuff going on with the change of the live show. What a shame. If there’s a fan favorite… I vote for Elaine. She is one of the most unassuming females ever to grace the beaches of Survivor. I like her. Maybe Janet will “adopt” her… we can always hope.

    Sorry for the book. The Dan situation burns my saddle weary butt up!


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