Survivor 40.2 “It’s Like A Survivor Economy”

There are a lot of things that go wrong when you’re playing a game like Survivor.

Your allies can betray you and you can end up getting blindsided in the tribal vote.  Or your allies can stay loyal but the original target can play an immunity idol and you can end up getting voted out with only two votes cast against you.  You can get some homesick or so frustrated with the game that you end up voluntarily taking yourself out of the game.  (And Jeff Probst will never let you live that down.)  Or you can end up getting sick or injuring yourself and be forcibly removed from the game by the medical team.

That said, the biggest threat in Survivor is paranoia.  So many good players have fallen apart as a result of allowing their paranoia to get the better of them.  They start out in a strong position but then they notice that they’ve been left out of a conversation or that they weren’t given a say in how the vote was going to go and, as a result, they decide that their allies are turning on them.  This often leads to the paranoid player trying to stab their alliance in the back and, more often than not, it totally backfires.

That’s what happened to Danni last night.  Danni started the episode out in a great position but, after Sele lost the immunity challenge, she became paranoid that her alliance — the Old School alliance led by Rob, Parvatti, and Ethan — was plotting against her.  Even worse, she let Ethan know that she was feeling paranoid and she also let him know while Ben — who didn’t even know an alliance existed — was standing right there.  So now, Ben knows all about the alliances and Rob and Parvatii know that they can’t trust Danni.

Danni made thing worse by trying to convince everyone to vote out Parvati.  Ben, Adam, Jeremy, and Michele considered voting for Parvati but, at tribal, everyone ended up voting for Danni.  (Except, of course, for Danni who voted for Parvati.)  I was a little surprised that the so-called new school players didn’t  give a little bit more thought to taking this opportunity to take out a strong player like Parvati.  Danni obviously proved herself to be an unreliable ally so I can understand not wanting to go to the merge with her but, at the same time, Parvati is a much bigger threat.  Maybe they didn’t want to risk the wrath of Rob.

The tribal council itself was kind of fun, largely because Ben doesn’t know when to shut up.  He spent so much time talking about paranoia that it briefly looked like Rob might spontaneously change the vote to get rid of him.  (Rob has said that he considers Ben to be a big threat.)  At one point, everyone emptied their bags to reveal that none of them had an immunity idol.  Of course, Denise and Adam have two halves an immunity idol but they managed to hide them right before letting everyone see into their bags.

On the Dakal Tribe, Kim also found a two-part immunity idol and a note telling her that she had to give the second half to another member of the tribe.  For some reason, she gave it to Sophie who immediately started gloating about what a huge mistake Kim was making in trusting her.  I don’t really care much for Sophie.  She wasn’t a particularly impressive winner during her first season of Survivor and, this season, she’s going a bit overboard trying to present herself as being some sort of master manipulator, as opposed to just someone who won because the jury was ticked off at the other two players in the final three.

Meanwhile, at the Edge of Extinction, Amber is stuck with Natalie.  Natalie found an advantage, which she sent to Jeremy.  The advantage allows Jeremy to leave tribal council right before the votes are cast.  As a result, he can’t vote but he also can’t be voted out.  Jeremy had to give up his fire token to get the advantage.  Apparently, and I missed his last week, that fire token goes to Natalie so Natalie now has two fire tokens.

And that’s it for now!  My vacation starts this weekend so Erin will be covering for the show for the next two weeks and then I’ll be back with you on March 11th!

Lisa Marie

18 thoughts on “Survivor 40.2 “It’s Like A Survivor Economy”

  1. sammiofusa

    Maybe I misunderstood what I’ve been seeing on the show but…. I thought no one can have tokens on the EOE. That’s why Jeremy has 2. Natalie gave him hers. Then he bought that advantage with one of the two tokens he had. Amber gave Rob her token so he also has 2 tokens. Jeremy is down to one. Natalie has zero. Amber has zero. Am I wrong?

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    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Okay, I just checked and when you get voted out, you have to give whatever tokens you have on you to another player. But, once you get the Edge of Extinction, you do get fire tokens if someone buys the advantage that you send them. So, Natalie does have two. The fire tokens will be used to buy advantages to getting back into the game.

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    2. marcellagwin

      Natalie has one from Sandra for the immunity idol, and one from Jeremy for the advantage. “Ambuah” better wake up and smell the coffee or she’ll be seeing those kiddos sooner than later!

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  2. betty

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. The paranoia this season is rampant, which actually makes for good TV. I did think Ben would try to sway the votes toward Parvati or Boston Rob, as Danni wasn’t much of a threat. I found it very strange Boston Rob made no real attempt to solve the puzzle, so why wasn’t he targeted for eviction? It made no sense to me. Looks like this season will be full of surprises!!

    Hope you have a great vacation. I will be looking forward to Erin’s reports and your return on March 11th!


    1. tedstrutz

      I think Rob was lost at sea and his insistence at sorting pieces kept them from getting a start on solving it. His tribe is stupid for not getting rid of him, but as Adam said “he is the Godfather” so that may be why they don’t, not wanting to incur his wrath, he is very persuasive. He had a point that everyone was yelling and screaming at them and he couldn’t think.


      1. marcellagwin

        Lost at sea is an good description. “Ambuah” too is lost at see… and even has a shipwreck to prove it! A rare “not in the game” moment for Rob. Bet we won’t see that again!

        Nice to see you back here Ted!

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  3. sammiofusa

    Thanks for checking on that. I wasn’t sure where the token went that Jeremy paid for the advantage. But shouldn’t Natalie only have that one token then? Where did the second one come from?


  4. marcellagwin

    Danni… she actually created her own problems day one when she decided it was a good idea to throw Boston Robs name out there for eviction. Rob, somehow, forgave her but was still a bit leery of her, as he should have been. Then, when she was stupid enough to throw out Parv’s name, she sealed her fate. What a paranoid inexperienced move. The real curiosity to me, is why-why-why did Ben & crew not take the opportunity to get out Parv? I know that Ben is in Bro-love with Rob, so he wouldn’t vote Rob out, but seriously.. the wrath of Rob over voting out Parv! Rob is only one guy, and at that point it would leave Rob & Ethan, the old school boys… so what was the fear?.. Rob is an amazing player, but he’s not Magic Rob… let’s mark this a Ben mistake that may have a serious Consequences (but for whom?) only time will tell…

    Other than Rob & Parv, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of playing… yes Denise did find the “share an idol”, (wonder where that twist is going?) but looking for an idol doesn’t even fall into the scope of “things to do while playing Survivor” for Rob, Ethan, and probably not even for Parv. (Though she played with Russell, super idol finder), Ben literally stumbled into his big information find, and then, didn’t do a darn thing with it. So, Rob & Parv are playing the games they came to play (and bringing their buddy, and my fave, Ethan, along for the ride). Everyone else seems to be trying to figure it out at this point…

    Speaking of Rob.. the puzzle? Was he really so out of it because of “Ambuah” that he forgot how to do a dang puzzle? Must be true ❤️! I’m not sure at this point, but holy cow I hope he gets over it!

    Not too much to be said this week about Sandra & company. They came, they won, they took home the prize. (They should have made every episode this season at least 90-minutes!) I just sit in awe at Sandra’s game play. I wish we could see more of what she does when she’s “off the clock”, like when there’s no looming tribal to head to. I know she doesn’t just sit around painting her toenails! She has to be working it 24/7/39. Props to the Queen!

    Those tokens. Anyone else wondering how having them on Exile will affect (or effect) how a player will get back in the game?

    Enjoy your VACATION Lisa Marie! I hope it’s somewhere snowy with mountains or sunny with beaches!

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  5. marcellagwin

    It just dawned on me… by the time the tokens are played, we may need one of those Karl Rove dry erase boards to keep up with the ever-changing tally! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🙄

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