Survivor 40.7 “We’re in the majors”

Congratulations, Yul.  You played yourself.

Last night’s episode of Survivor felt a bit disjointed.  Following around four tribes — Sele, Dakal, Yara, and the Edge of Extinction folks — means that there’s a lot to try to cram into just 45 minutes.  The first half of the show was dominated by the Edge of Extinction people looking for fire tokens and Sandra deciding to raise the flag and leave the show.  (Sandra is the first person to actually leave the game this season.)

“I’m still the queen,” Sandra said.  Yeah, Sandra.  The queen doesn’t quit.

As for last night’s Edge of Extinction fire token search, Tyson found one.  Rob found three.  Ethan’s looking really ill and I’m kind of worried about him.  The show is either setting him up for a big comeback or else he’s going to voluntarily leave next week.

Meanwhile, back in the main game, the Yara Tribe may be doing well in immunity challenges but they’re still the most consistently annoying tribe.  Ben, who really only won his season because the producers added that last minute fire-making twist, is acting like a jerk.  Adam is a whiny little brat.  Sophie and Sarah both think that they’re more clever than they are.  Bleh.  Let’s move on.

On the Dakal Tribe, Tony is trying to be everyone’s friend.  No one trusts Tony.  Sorry, Tony.

And on the Sele Tribe, it’s more Michele/Wendell relationship drama!  I will say right now that I cringe for everyone on that tribe.  If it’s awkward watching Michele/Wendell for a few minutes every week, I can only imagine what it must have been like to live with them.  The problem is that Wendell is overly emotional and takes everything personally while Michele is essentially the exact same way.  They’re like the couple who you invite to your party because you feel obligated but you dread the idea of them actually showing up.

The Sele Tribe again went to tribal council and there was never really any doubt that Yul would be voted out.  He probably could have gotten everyone to vote out Wendell if he hadn’t revealed his own deeply manipulative streak with his plan to trick Wendell into giving Michele and Yul his fire tokens.  Seeing that side of Yul obviously freaked out Nick and Nick sided with Michele and Wendell in the vote.  By a vote of 3-1, Yul was sent to Edge of Extinction.

Next week — it’s the merge!  And I’m going to assume that someone will soon be returning from the Edge of Extinction.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Is everyone taking care of themselves?  I hope so!  I look forward to watching many more seasons of Survivor with all of you!

6 thoughts on “Survivor 40.7 “We’re in the majors”

  1. marcellagwin

    Hi Lisa Marie!my whole family, hubby, 3 teen boys & my mama & daddy are all hunkered down is hubby’s hunting cabin in Mississippi. We thought it would be a good place to go to stay safe from the illness is south TX. The boys all go fishing all day almost every day, leaving me & mama to cook, read, listen to music & talk… I hope every one is staying safe & well!

    As for Survivor, you summed it up perfectly! I was glad Rob found the 3 tokens. I think he’s going to need them.. I’m sure Amber will give him hers… I’m ready for one of these guys to get back in the game!

    Our poor Ethan…. his illnesses have really taken a toll on him. My boys asked why I liked him so much… they weren’t even born yet when Ethan played the first time in Africa. I hope he doesn’t have to be care-flighted off the island. I’ll always adore him.

    Maybe next survivor will have a season of players that should have won… I could use a Season with Ozzy & Joe! In the meantime, get me off this island! I’m with Sandra… she was right. Why spend another 2-weeks starving & cold? Hoist the flag and bring in the canoe!

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    1. betty

      The cabin sounds like the perfect stop. Stay safe!

      I agree with you about Sandra, in fact, I really don’t think she even wanted to be a part of this all star winner cast. She won two million, so why be uncomfortable? I was not surprised she left.

      Love your idea of the ‘almost won’ cast!

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      1. marcellagwin

        I forgot to mention, the cabin only has 2 bedrooms… the teen boys get to sleep on the screened porch. They love it. They play cards till the wee hours some nights, then up at dawn to go fishin. It is quiet, peaceful… & I know my octogenarian parents are safe from the ills of the world while we’re here. ❤️ Stay well Betty!

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  2. betty

    Yul didn’t do himself any favors by mentioning the fire tokens, but still, had I been on that tribe I would have voted Wendell out. I believe Yul was more of a team player than Wendell. Frankly, I just can’t take Wendell’s me me attitude! Sorry to see Yul go!

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. Stay safe and your family too!

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