Survivor 40.8 “This Is Where The Battle Begins”

Well, the merge is here.

All three tribes are now one big tribe and, joining them last night, was Tyson.  The folks at Edge of Extinction finally got their chance to compete to reenter the game.  It was one of those competitions where you had to go through an obstacle course and then navigate a ball through a hole.  I like Amber but I knew that there was no way she was going to be a factor in this competition and she wasn’t.  I don’t like Natalie and I cringed when it looked like she was on the verge of winning but then Natalie dropped her ball and had to start all over again.

At first, I wanted Rob to win because he’s Boston Rob.  Then I wanted Yul to win, just because Yul is likable and he’s an underdog.  In the end, Tyson won and I guess that’s okay.  I’ve never really been as big a fan of Tyson as some people are.  Jeff Probst always insists that Tyson is one of the best players ever but I really don’t see it.  Still, Tyson was smart enough to lay low and not draw attention to himself after reentering the game.  That was a good move on his part.

So, here are the members of the new Koru Tribe:













During the traditional post-merge feast, Denise made the mistake of bragging about how she got rid of Sandra, which automatically put a target on her back.  Meanwhile, Jeremy and Wendell bonded and Jeremy came up with a plan to form an alliance of “big targets” — himself, Tyson, Ben, Tony — that would then target the smaller targets.  Meanwhile, Sophie got annoyed with Jeremy trying to control everything and started thinking about targeting him.

At the immunity challenge, the castaways had to hang onto a pole for as long as they could.  The last man and the last woman to still be hanging on the pole won immunity.  The challenge was won by Jeremy and Denise, which meant that the two biggest targets in the tribe were both safe at tribal council.

Jeremy wanted to vote out Nick but he soon discovered that the rest of the tribe had decided to vote out Wendell.  Though Jeremy tried to change their minds, he ultimately went along with the majority.  It did briefly appear that Wendell might be saved by the fact that no one trusts Adam but, in the end, Wendell was the one who was blindsided at tribal.  The final vote 9 votes for Wendell and 3 votes for Adam.  (Those 3 votes came from Wendell, Nick, and Michele.)  Wendell split his two fire tokens between Nick and Michele and then headed to the Edge of Extinction where he — and the other players — will wait for their chance to reenter the game.

I don’t know that Wendell being voted out is going to have a huge impact on the game but Adam is probably going to freak out over getting those three votes.  It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it next week.

Lisa Marie

5 thoughts on “Survivor 40.8 “This Is Where The Battle Begins”

  1. betty

    Thanks for another great write up Lisa Marie. Finally something interesting to read to break this never-ending boredom!

    I could not have been happier to see Wendell go and he has no one to blame, but himself. His arrogance and big mouth did him in! Denise was silly for bragging about Sandra and I just wanted to put a gag in her mouth! Great episode last night, but I too wanted to see Boston Rob return.

    Looking forward to your next write up. Have a good week and stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theycallmetater

    We really look forward to Survivor night now that we can’t go anywhere. We really wanted Boston Rob to win but I also like Tyson so…Also, I doubt Rob would have stayed under the radar the way Tyson did. I’m glad Wendell is gone.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. marcellagwin

    Wendell being voted out made my night… he’s just one of those players I don’t care for at all. I really wanted Boston Rob to win his way back into the game, but alas, Tyson. I’m not a big fan of Tyson either… never have been… but I can’t stand Natalie. When it looked like she might win, my whole family was throwing voodoo at the TV!

    Still enjoying our cabin time, but my Buck & the 3-buckaroos are heading back to Texas Saturday. Cattle (and hay planting) are calling… I’m staying here with my mama & daddy. They are both in great health, but in their early 80’s, so we’ve decided they’re safer here in the forest…. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Until next week!

    Liked by 1 person

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