The Amazing Race 32.3 “We’re Makin’ Big Moves”

I had mixed feelings about the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

On the one hand, I was happy that, despite being targeted by Will and James, Leo and Alana managed to survive being u-turned.  I like Leo and Alana.  They’re both socially awkward, they’re both very smart, and they’re both the type of players who usually don’t seem to last long on the Race.  They’re the underdogs and they’re also a cute couple and I felt bad when the “cool” teams decided to target them.

On the other hand, I was a bit sad that Jerry and Frank were eliminated.  They were a likable team.  I kept expecting them to have a meltdown but they handled all of their problems with determination and class.  First, they accidentally left behind their bags on the way to the Detour.  (It turned out they needed their bags.)  Then, Kaylynn and Haley u-turned them at the Double U-turn in order to give Leo and Alana a fighting chance to survive being u-turned by Will and James.  They might have been able to survive the double u-turn under different circumstances (neither challenge was that difficult) but they were already running behind by the time they reached the U-turn marker.  And so, Jerry and Frank ended up coming in last and were eliminated from the race.

So, basically, this all happened because Will and James are petty and decided to target another team, despite the fact that there was really nothing to be gained by doing so.  That’s not a good look.

As for how the other teams did when the Race moved to Brazil:

Coming in first, Will and James.  They’re a strong team but using the u-turn when you don’t really need to is always a dumb move.  Why makes enemies when you don’t have to?  They made some alliances last night but who knows how long those will last.  For now, though, they’re looking strong.

Coming in second, Hung and Chee.  After two first place finishes, they ended up in 2nd place this leg.  I think they’re still the front runners.  They were among those who formed an alliance with Will and James last night.

Coming in third, Kaylynn and Haley.  After struggling during the previous two legs, they came on strong in Brazil.  I’m still not totally sold on them as a threat to win, though.  If they start to consistently finish strong, I might change my mind.

Coming in fourth, Riley and Maddison.  They went from 3rd to 4th but they’re still a strong team.  They’re a part of the new cool kids alliance with Will and James.

Coming in fifth, Gary and D’Angelo.  The first leg of the race, they finished 10th.  Then they came in 2nd.  And, this time, they came in 5th.  There’s no consistency with these two and, despite their athleticism, I don’t expect to see them around much longer.

Coming in sixth, Eswar and Aparna.  Tonight, we saw some indications that Eswar and Aparna are struggling to work together.  They’ve consistently been in the middle of the pack and I don’t expect them to ever escape from that position.  Some teams are just obviously doomed.

Coming in seventh, Michelle and VIctoria.  They’ve gone from 2nd to 5th to 7th.  I like the sisters but they’re moving in the wrong direction.

Coming in eighth, Leo and Alana.  At least they survived!

Coming in ninth and getting eliminated, Jerry and Frank.  Poor guys.

For now, I’d say that it’s still pretty much Hung & Chee’s race to lose.  Of all the teams, they’ve been the most consistently strong and impressive.

Next week, the race moves to Paraguay!

Lisa Marie


3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 32.3 “We’re Makin’ Big Moves”

  1. theycallmetater

    I didn’t dislike Jerry and Frank but if it was between them and Leo and Alana I’m glad it was them. My daughter was also happy that all of the u-turning and Jerry and Frank forgetting their bag saved Michelle and Victoria


  2. betty

    I was so sad to see Jerry and Frank go and I was so disappointed Kaylynn and Haley u- turned them! I absolutely can’t stand Will and James! They are over the top drama queens and they both tap dance on my last nerve. There was no reason for them to u-turn Leo and Alana! Revenge is sweet, so I am hoping that Leo and Alana will have the opportunity of u-turning Will and James soon!

    Thanks for the great write up Lisa Marie. Have a great week!


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