The Amazing Race 32.5 “”You Don’t Strike Me as a Renaissance Man”

I got so jealous last night!

Seriously, I would have loved to have run that leg of the race.  The racers got to go to France.  They got to look at paintings.  They got pies thrown at them.  They got to play some carnival games!  It was great!

Unfortunately, they also had to drive and that proved to be the downfall of Michelle and Victoria.  After coming on strong over the past couple of legs, Michelle and Victoria managed to get lost while trying to drive from one destination to another.  As a result, they were the last team to arrive and they were eliminated from the race.  On the one hand, it’s easy to shake your head in amazement that two people could somehow get that lost.  On the other hand, I’ve actually had to drive in Europe and trust me — it can happen!

Especially when you’re having to drive a stick shift.  Me, I cannot drive a stick.  I’ve tried to learn and no, it’s just not something I can do.  I find it to be way too complicated and frustrating.  Will and James ran into the same problem last night, though they did manage to recover after Leo gave them some help.  (Considering that Will and James u-turned Leo and Alana just a few legs ago, that was a development that I didn’t see coming.)  Kaylynn and Haley also struggled with the stick shift and they definitely would have been eliminated last night if not for Michelle and Victoria getting so amazingly lost.

It was a fun leg.  I loved seeing France.  The carnival looked like a lot of fun.  I’ll miss Michelle and Victoria, though.  They were my second favorite team, right after Leo and Alana.

Here’s how the teams did, last night:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison.  Riley and Maddison are a strong team and I’ve been waiting for them to have a break-out moment.  They finally got it last night.  They were in the lead pretty much from the minute they arrived in France.  They were so far ahead that even struggling a bit at the carnival couldn’t slow them down.

Coming in second, Hung and Chee.  After struggling during the last leg, they made a comeback tonight.  They’re still proving themselves to be a consistently strong team.

Coming in third, Leo and Alana!  I think getting U-turned really lit a fire under Leo and Alana.  They’re coming on strong and, as of right now, they seem like they’re in a very good position to make it to the end.

Coming in fourth, Will and James!  Despite struggling with their car, Will and James still managed a decent finish, which shows just how strong of a team they are.  If they do get eliminated, it’ll be because of something like a car breaking down or a plane landing late because the two of them are running a strong race right now.  Despite their good finish, I think they may have gotten humbled a bit last night, which I do think will help them in the long run.

Coming in fifth, DeAngelo and Gary!  These guys are still the most inconsistent team on the race.  I don’t see them lasting much longer but I could be wrong.

Coming in sixth, Eswar and Aparna.  Eswar and Aparna seem like they should be a strong team but they struggle nearly every leg of the race.  They’re likable but they’re another team I don’t expect to around for much longer.

Coming in seventh, Kalynn and Haley!  I like the sisters but, at this point, they’re on borrowed time.

Coming in eighth, Michelle and Victoria.  They were a strong team.  It kind of sucks that they’re out of the race just because they had trouble navigating the streets of France but that’s the race for you,

Next week, the race moves to Germany!

See you then,

Lisa Marie


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