The Amazing Race 32 Episodes 8 and 9

What happened last night with The Amazing Race really bothered me.

The teams went to India, which happens every season.  This was the mega leg of the race — i.e., the longest and most difficult leg of the race.  It was stretched out over two episodes, that’s how much of a mega leg it was.  That said, it was pretty obvious from the start that Haley and Kaylynn were going to be eliminated.  They started out in last place and they never got out of last place.  The only reason they were still in the race was due to luck.

What bothered me, though, is that the other racers seemed determined to kick this team while they were down.  First, Will and James used their yield on Kaylynn and Haley, despite the fact that Will and james were in first place while Kaylynn and Haley were way back in 6th place.  Then, Riley and Madisson — who were in second place — yielded Kaylynn and Haley for a second time, despite the fact that Kaylynn and Haley were still in 6th place.

Using all of your yields on a team that doesn’t have a chance to win is not a brilliant strategy and the fact that Will and James thought it was so cute to keep yielding them did not make me happy.  This season has been dominated by a very mean-spirited alliance and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  There’s only three episodes left and I’ll be rooting for Eswar and Aparna, because they’re the only team that’s not a part of an alliance.

Watching last night, I realized that Will and James are the only racers who have a definable personality.  Unfortunately, it’s not a very likable personality but at least they’re more interesting than Riley and Maddison.  Having a beard is not the same thing as having a personality.

Anyway, here’s where we stand after the mega leg:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison.  Whatever.  They’re boring.

Coming in second, Will and James.  The mean boys of The Amazing Race are awfully proud of themselves for continually picking on whoever is in last place.  What’s funny is that I would probably love them on either Survivor or Big Brother because those are games where you have to be kind of mean and ruthless.  The Amazing Race, though, should be a more positive experience.

Coming in third, DeAngelo and Gary.  Again, whatever.

Coming in fourth, Hung and Chee.  They’re either going to win or Chee is going to have a total meltdown.

Coming in fifth, Eswar and Apurna.  GET IT TOGETHER, YOU TWO!  WE’RE DEPENDING ON YOU!

Coming in sixth, Kaylynn and Haley.  Their luck run out last night.  They were a positive team so I’ll miss them.  That said, you really can’t spend 75% of the race in last place without eventually getting eliminated.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!

Lisa Marie


5 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 32 Episodes 8 and 9

  1. theycallmetater

    They were the only team left that I actually liked. It should be against the rules to yield the same team twice in one leg. I also wish they had rules against all the help tea,s are giving each other. Alliances like this ruin the show.

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  2. marcellagwin

    My boys were soooo sad! Now they’re just rooting against “the mean team”! Our family has lost both our fave teams, so now, any team other than Will & James! It’s a shame that there’s a team so unlikable may win the race… of course, there’re getting to read, in real time, how much TAR fans loathe them! That being said… “Will & James, if you’re reading this blog, the Gwin family is rooting for you to lose your passports and the race! Bad luck!”


  3. betty

    I was so disappointed in the teams last night, but not the least bit surprised about James and Will. They are downright ugly people with chips on their shoulders and they both seem to want to prove something to the world! I thought the blonds were great and they went out in style with their heads held high.

    Thanks for another great write up. Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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