The Amazing Race 32.10 “Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty”

I really don’t want to talk about it.

Last night’s leg of the Amazing Race was another disappointing experience as the alliances continued to dominate and pick on the weaker teams.  Unfortunately, there was only one weaker team left and that was Eswar and Aparna.  Since Eswar and Aparna have, for the most part, come across as being pretty nice and decent, it was hard to watch Gary and DeAngelo pat themselves on the back for using the double u-turn on them.  It was even more difficult to then watch Maddison and Ross “burn” the other u-turn so that Eswar and Aparna couldn’t even use it on someone like Will and James or Hung and Chee.

“We protected our alliance,” one of the two bearded idiots said.

Do they not realize that only one team can win the Amazing Race?  If I was in the race, I would want to set back a team that actually has a chance to win.  I wouldn’t be patting myself on the back for keeping a stronger team in the race.  Alliances are for Survivor!

Anyway, when things the teams reached the pit stop in Cambodia, here’s where we stood:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison,  The boring beard bros.  To be honest, I dislike them even more than I dislike Will and James.  Will and James are at least honest about being the villains this season.  Riley and Maddison have no personality beyond having beards.

Coming in second, Will and James.  They’re strong, they’re annoying.  Their alliance strategy has paid off but it hasn’t been fun to watch.

Coming in third, Hung and Chee.  Of the alliance members, they annoy me the least.  I hope the win.

Coming in fourth, Gary and DeAngelo.  The fact that these two idiots are still in the race just annoys me beyond belief.

And getting eliminated, Eswar and Aparna.  I knew they weren’t going to win but I still hate seeing them get eliminated by the 8 jerks listed above.

Next week, the teams start the final leg of the race!

Lisa Marie

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 32.10 “Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty”

  1. theycallmetater

    I’m not mad at Gary and D’Angelo for the uturn. They knew it was likely they would need the extra time. I wish they would make a rule against burning the board by uturning a team you know is ahead of you. This alliance nonsense has ruined this season.


  2. marcellagwin

    Next week… the alliance blows up and they eat their own! And what’s with all the upturns this season?! I’ve pretty much lost interest in the “mean season “. At this point, I couldn’t care less who wins. Thanks for the update!


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