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Big Brother 23 — Week 4 Veto Comp Results

They had the veto competition today and the veto was won by ….

Head of Household Christian!

What does that mean? Well, for this week, it means that the nominations are going to remain the same. We are four weeks in and the veto has only been used once. Also, only two people have won the veto — Derek X and Christian. The house has settled on Whitney as the target. Whitney didn’t help herself by telling a lot of people that, if she is going to get voted out, she’d rather get voted out now than after the jury starts. So now, she’s not only on the block but she’s also given everyone an excuse that they can use to justify voting to evict her.

One thing that everyone is now suddenly realizing is that the Kings — Christian, Xavier, Alyssa, and Sarah Beth — are the only team to have not lost a member. As a result, there’s a lot of talk amongst the members of the Cookout about needing to target the Kings next week. Right now, it sounds like they’re thinking that Sarah Beth needs to be the next to go.

As of right now, though, everyone seems to be in agreement that Whitney is the one going this week.

Big Brother 23 — Week 4 Nominations

Today, the Houseguests not only competed in what I assume will be the final wildcard comp of the season but Christian also announced his nominees for eviction.

The wildcard was won by Claire. Claire was never really considered as a possible target this week so, once again, the wildcard turned out to be kind of pointless.

As for the nominees, Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah for eviction. Both of them are upset about it, though Whitney is being far more vocal about it. After making the nominations, Christian told the other members of the Kings that he really doesn’t care who goes this week. His assumption is that whoever doesn’t go this week will be probably go next week. After talking it over with his team, he said that he’d prefer to see Whitney go but that he wouldn’t be upset if they voted out Hannah instead.

The majority of the House seems to be planning on voting for Whitney and they’re trying to pull the same thing with her that they did with Brent — ie., telling her that she’s just a pawn and suggesting that this is all just a part of a scheme to backdoor Derek X. Whitney, however, is not as dumb as Brent and she knows that she’s the target.

After the nominations, Whitney talked to Christian and told him that Kyland was the biggest threat in the House and that’s who he should be worrying about. We’ll see if that changes any of Christian’s plans.

Veto comp is tomorrow and, this week, it actually means something. As of right now, Whitney’s the target but, unlike Frenchie and Brent, it still seems like there’s a chance that she can save herself.

Big Brother 23 — Tonight’s Eviction

Has there ever been a player as clueless as Brent?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s rare that Big Brother ever features a true blindside. First off, the more recent houseguests have rarely been clever enough to pull off a true blindside. That was something that folks like Dr. Will and the members of the Brigade could pull off but lately, Big Brother has almost been designed to prevent blindsides. With the House almost always voting however the HoH tells them to vote, it’s hard to keep secrets. Add to that, it has lately become a tradition for the House to inform their target about the vote right before the eviction show begins. People want to be nice, especially since there’s always a chance that an evicted houseguest could return.

Brent, however, truly had no idea that he was going to be voted out. He may have told Julie that he wasn’t surprised but everything from his tone of voice to his body language suggested that he was shocked to be evicted by a vote of 11-0. That no one told Brent, even after he lost the veto, is just more evidence of how much the House, as a whole, disliked him.

So, Brent is now gone and it’s a whole new game. Originally, the Cookout’s plan was to target the Kings this week by nominating either Christian, Alyssa, or Sarah Beth. Derek F. especially wants a woman to leave and he can’t stand Sarah Beth, for whatever reason. However, the Kings won the HoH comp and, as their team leader, Christian became Head of Household.

That means that Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth are all safe this week. It also means that there’s a good chance that Hannah will go up on the block. The only question is whether Derek X or a woman will go up beside her. Alyssa and Christian have been talking about how they want to split up the potential alliance between Derek X and Hannah.

Of course, it all depends on what happens with the Wildcard tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the final wild card comp and Julie teased us with the promise that the winner would get safety but would also have a big decision to make. So, we’ll see what happens with that! For now, though, Christian is HoH and the Kings are safe for the week!

Big Brother 23 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 23

It’s that time of week again!

It’s time to open up the diary room and ask you who you would vote to evict!

Do you vote to evict….

BRENT, the target who thinks that he’s just a pawn


BRITTINI, the pawn who thinks that she’s the target?

Let us know, either by voting in the poll below or by telling us in the comments! And then be sure Big Brother on Thursday night to see who will the latest person to be sent out of the house!

Happy voting!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, I had some personal business that had to be taken care of. However, it appears that most of the conversation focused on who to get out next week, after Brent. The Cookout seems to be considering targeting Whitney next week but it’s hard to say what’s going to happen. Once Brent’s gone, it’s going to be an entirely new game and we’ll probably start to see the House unity fracture a bit. The most important thing for this week is that, as of right now, Brent still appears to be clueless.

Big Brother 23 — Week 3 Veto Meeting

Is everyone ready for Thursday because we are about to see something that we haven’t seen in a while!

It’s been a few seasons since Big Brother had a really good blindside. Instead, for the past few seasons, the houseguests have usually let whoever was going know ahead of time. But it doesn’t look like they’ll be doing that for Brent. And make no mistake about it, Brent is going. Brent may think that he’s staying but the entire House is united in their desire to vote him out.

At the veto ceremony today, Christian did not use the veto, leaving Brent and Brittini on the block. Now, to be honest, I was sure that, by today, Brent would have finally figured out that he is the target. Just based on some his comments last night about how he might be leaving, I really thought Brent was starting to understand that situation. I figured Brent would fly into a rage after the meeting and that he’d call the house together and threaten to self-evict or something.

Instead, after the veto was not used, Brent went to Derek X and Kyland started to brag about how “it worked!” Brent is convinced that Christian did not use the veto because he wanted Brittini to remain the target. Brent is also convinced that he, Kyland, Derek X, Christian, and Alyssa all have a firm alliance and that they’ll be in control of the house next week. Brent has spent this entire day walking around the house with a big grin on his face, telling everyone who will listen that the plan is working and that he can’t wait for Brittini to hear that she’s been evicted on Thursday night.

I swear, I’ve never seen anyone act this clueless while on the block. Well, maybe Matt from Big Brother 20. If Brent says that he’s planning on staying in the House so he can eat cereal, he’ll really be in some trouble.

So, get ready for this Thursday. Because a HUGE blindside is coming!

Big Brother 23 — The Deception Continues For Some Reason

With Brittini and Brent on the block and Christian holding the veto, the attempted deception of Brent is continuing. Everyone in the House keeps assuring Brent that Brittini in the target and that he’s going to be safe but, as of right now, it should be a unanimous vote to evict him on Thursday. Take that as evidence as how disliked Brent is in the house. Everyone is basically willing to lie to his face.

How long can the deception continue? Brent may not know how to talk to people and he’s certainly not a good strategist but I don’t think he’s as clueless as some people in the House are assuming. Earlier today, he told Alyssa that he thinks he might be the target. He also told Derek X that he wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if he was voted out on Thursday. Even though Alyssa and Derek X both lied and told him that he was safe, Brent is starting to suspect that there might be a plan to get him out of the House.

So, why continue the charade? Xavier doesn’t want Brent to explode before he goes and potentially expose the fact that Xavier, like Frenchie before him, has made deals with almost everyone in the House. The problem, for Xavier, is that Brittini is getting tired of being on the block for two weeks in a row and she’s also upset that everyone is pretending to dislike her, even if it’s just to convince Brent that he’s not the target. I think that Brittini is starting to suspect that, even if she is a pawn, the rest of the House views her as being expendable. Earlier today, Brittini told Xavier that she wishes they would just tell Brent the truth. Xavier, so far, has refused to consider it.

So, with the veto meeting tomorrow, will Brent ever figure out what’s going on? Will Britinni’s anger get the best of her? We’ll find out over the next few days!

Big Brother 23 — Week 3 Veto Comp

Hi, everyone!

So, this was a veto comp that Brent really needed to win and …. well, he didn’t.

Instead, the veto was won by Christian. When this season started, I thought that Christian and Brent would be natural allies but it hasn’t turned out that way. Brent has managed to alienate everyone in the House by being arrogant and paranoid and that includes Christian. So, I don’t expect the veto to be used.

When last I checked, Xavier was still trying to convince Brent that Brittini was actually the target. I don’t think Brent buys that at all. Brittini, meanwhile, is understandable annoyed at being used as a pawn two weeks in a row and she’s now worried that she’s going to become a pawn every week. Brittini has been telling everyone that if she wins HoH, she’s going to blow the house up which …. actually, that might not be a smart thing to say when you’re on the block.

That said, Brittini should be safe this week. Everyone wants Brent out and without the veto, it doesn’t look like there’s much chance of that changing.

We’ll see what happens! I’ll be surprised if Brent goes quietly.

Big Brother 23 — Week 3 Nominations

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the late update.

Today, in the Big Brother House, the day started with the Wild Card comp, which was won by Tiffany. Since Xavier wasn’t planning on putting Tiffany up on the block, it really didn’t matter.

Instead, Xavier went through with his original plan, which was to nominate Brent. Though he considered nominating Whitney to join Brent on the block, he eventually decided to nominate Brittini instead. Xavier told Brent that Brittini is the target while telling everyone else in the House that Brent is the target. Xavier thinks that this will cause Brent to not play hard for the veto but Brent went into this week knowing that a lot of people were targeting him and he didn’t sound too convinced while he was listening to Xavier explain “the plan.” So, I think Brent’s probably going to try hard to win that veto. If it’s a physical comp, Brent might be a threat to win. If it’s a mental comp, Brent is probably doomed.

Everyone in the House is okay with Brent leaving this week but more and more of the men — especially Derek F. — are starting to complain that a woman hasn’t gone home yet. So far, the House has been united against common enemies like Frenchie and Brent but once all of the obvious targets are gone, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up betraying who.

Veto comp is tomorrow! It’s a must-win for Brent if he wants to have any chance of staying in the House.

Lisa Marie

Big Brother 23 — About Tonight’s Eviction

Needless to say, the post below is a spoiler if you haven’t watched the latest eviction episode of Big Brother. So, if you don’t want to know who was voted out or if you haven’t seen the episode yet and you want to be “surprised,” don’t read any further.

Now, for the rest of us, what happened tonight really wasn’t a surprise. Frenchie was voted out of the house. The final vote was 11-1. Derek F. voted for Bittini, just as he went against the House last week and secretly voted for Alyssa. I think Derek F. is just trying to keep everyone off-balance, though it’s possible that he could have sincerely felt sorry for Frenchie and didn’t want him to be unanimously voted out of the house. Derek F. and Frenchie was fairly close when the game started so anything’s possible.

The only real suspense was whether or not Brent, who was pretty much everyone’s pick to be the next target, would win HoH and that suspense ended quickly when Brent was one of the first people to be eliminated from the HoH comp. Instead, the new HoH is Xavier and Xavier has been one of the people talking about going after Brent so it’s probable that Brent will be on the block this week. Brent has narrowly escaped being nominated for two weeks in a row but I think his luck may have run out.

We’ll find out tomorrow!

Big Brother 23 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 2!

Well, it’s that time of week!

It’s time to open up the diary room and allow you, the readers and watchers, the chance to cast your vote to evict!

Do you vote to evict….

FRENCHIE, the erratic superfan whose game play has been anything but


BRITTINI, who really hasn’t done enough to get a silly description yet?

Vote in the poll below and then be sure to watch on Thursday to see who will be the 2nd houseguest sent packing!

Happy voting!