Big Brother 23 — Week 1 Nominations

Don’t get attached Frenchie because he’s pretty much destroyed his game.

On the very first night that the houseguests entered the House, HoH Frenchie made a big deal about announcing that he was going to target one of the jocks — Travis, Christian, or Brent. He also said that he would not, under any circumstances, be targeting a woman, a minority, or an older player.

Two hours ago, he announced his nominations and he nominated two minorities, one of whom is a woman.

Frenchie nominated Alyssa and Kyland for eviction.

After spending the last few days telling everyone that he wanted Brent, Travis, Christian, and Derek X out of the house, he nominated Kyland (who is a member of his alliance) and Alyssa.

What was Frenchie’s logic?

It’s hard to say. Frenchie is playing really hard and doesn’t seem to have much focus. Basically, before the nominations ceremony, Travis and Brent both went upstairs to the HoH room and managed to charm him out of nominating them. Christian, for his part, won immunity in the wild card challenge. Why not nominate Derek X? Apparently, Frenchie wants to use Derek X as a replacement nominee if the veto is used.

Right now, oddly, his target appears to be Alyssa. Frenchie believes that Alyssa is on the verge of getting into a showmance with Christian and therefore, she has to leave before it happens. Frenchie wants to be a showmance killer. Kyland is the pawn.

And Frenchie’s game has pretty much exploded. No one understands the logic behind Frenchie’s nominations. No one feel that they can trust Frenchie. And Travis, Brent, and Christian don’t have any interest in working with him, despite the fact that he didn’t put them on the block.

It’s a mess! I don’t think we’d expect anything less from Big Brother.

6 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 — Week 1 Nominations

  1. betty

    Doesn’t this happen all the time? We hear big talk from players about nominating threats, but in the end, they turn out to be cowards and change their mind. LOL Thanks for the great write up Lisa Marie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. betty

    I sure miss BBAD! I heard something about the Paramont+ cable channel doing something with BB. Lisa Marie do you know anything about this?


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