Big Brother 23 — Week 1 Veto Results

Frenchie’s already messy HoH just got messier today with the result of the very first veto comp of the season.

As you remember, Frenchie confused and angered everyone by nominating Alyssa and Kyland for eviction, despite the fact that he earlier announced that he wouldn’t be nominating any women or people of color during his HoH. Frenchie said that his plan was to backdoor Derek X. (Of course, Derek X is Asian so Frenchie would still be a big liar even if his plan worked out but …. as I said, it’s been a messy HoH.)

Well, that plan — assuming that Frenchie was actually serious about it to begin with — fell apart when Derek X won the veto earlier today. What that means, of course, is that Derek X can not be nominated. If he uses the veto, Frenchie will have to name a replacement. With Christian having immunity, the leaves only Brent and Travis as possible houseguests that Frenchie could nominate without totally going back on his promise to not to target a woman or person of color. The problem, however, is that Frenchie also promised both Brent and Travis that he wouldn’t nominate either of them.

Basically, Frenchie made too many promises and now, there’s no way he’s not going to end up betraying someone. Fortunately, for him, it’s not like the person being evicted is going to be the jury house. Unfortunately, there’s always the chance the the first three or four evictees might get an opportunity to reenter the House. Certainly, after this week, no one is going to view Frenchie as being any sort of strategic genius.

Who knows what’s going to happen? Brent — who claims that Derek X stabbed the Aces in the back at some point (I have watched the feeds and I have no idea what Brent’s talking about) — has ordered Derek X to do whatever Frenchie tells him to do. Brent is apparently pretty confident that he won’t be the replacement nominee. Brent, I should add, has a really bad habit of talking down to and ordering people around. That’s going to backfire on him eventually.

Anyway, I believe the veto meeting is on Monday so we’ll see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 — Week 1 Veto Results

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