Big Brother 23 — The Messy Truth

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother in no way portrayed just how messy the first three days of Frenchy’s HoH truly was.

It’s understandable, I guess. The editors have only got 45 minutes to work with so, of course, some thing are going to get left out. They had to work in the wild card comp, as well. Still, I wish they had shown Frenchie starting the Slaughterhouse and then inviting almost every single houseguest to be a member. I also wish they had shown Frenchie specifically telling the Jokers that, under no circumstances, would he put up a “woman or a minority” because that information is essential to understanding why so many people are angry with Frenchie right now and also why they no longer trust him to keep his word.

Instead, Frenchie got a pretty sympathetic edit. He was portrayed as someone who just found himself in a bad situation as opposed to someone who hit the ground playing way too hard and who has managed to alienate almost everyone around him. This is why it pays to get the feeds because the show never tells the whole story.

Oh well. Rant over. Derek X has the veto and he’s been telling everyone that he’s going to use it to take Kyland off the block. As of right now, it seems that Frenchie will be naming Travis as the replacement while continuing to target Alyssa for eviction. But, who knows? The only consistent thing about Frenchie is how inconsistent he is.

Veto meeting’s tomorrow! We’ll see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 — The Messy Truth

    1. foxglove103

      I thought I was going to like Frenchie but he is constantly making mistakes. It’s hard to watch him.
      I’m like Jolee, still figuring out the rest of the cast.


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