Big Brother 23 — Week 3 Nominations

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the late update.

Today, in the Big Brother House, the day started with the Wild Card comp, which was won by Tiffany. Since Xavier wasn’t planning on putting Tiffany up on the block, it really didn’t matter.

Instead, Xavier went through with his original plan, which was to nominate Brent. Though he considered nominating Whitney to join Brent on the block, he eventually decided to nominate Brittini instead. Xavier told Brent that Brittini is the target while telling everyone else in the House that Brent is the target. Xavier thinks that this will cause Brent to not play hard for the veto but Brent went into this week knowing that a lot of people were targeting him and he didn’t sound too convinced while he was listening to Xavier explain “the plan.” So, I think Brent’s probably going to try hard to win that veto. If it’s a physical comp, Brent might be a threat to win. If it’s a mental comp, Brent is probably doomed.

Everyone in the House is okay with Brent leaving this week but more and more of the men — especially Derek F. — are starting to complain that a woman hasn’t gone home yet. So far, the House has been united against common enemies like Frenchie and Brent but once all of the obvious targets are gone, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up betraying who.

Veto comp is tomorrow! It’s a must-win for Brent if he wants to have any chance of staying in the House.

Lisa Marie

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