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Big Brother 23 — Veto Meeting Update For Week 8

Earlier today, the veto meeting was held. Hannah, having won the veto, chose to use to the veto to take Xavier off of the block. Since Xavier was only on the block due to a punishment he received during last week’s veto challenge, no replacement nominee was selected. Kyland and Sarah Beth are still on the block and Sarah Beth is still the target. With the Cookout firmly holding a majority and Alyssa as the only non-Cookout member who gets to vote this week, Sarah Beth basically has no chance of staying.

(It also means that all of the twists and little punishments this season have not changed the game one bit.)

So now, the question is who goes next week. Obviously, the target will either by Alyssa or Claire, seeing as how they’re going to be the last two non-Cookout houseguests. (Because of the Coin of Destiny and the new HoH twist, Claire is not eligible to compete for HoH next week. Alyssa is but, even if she wins, she’ll just do what Xavier tells her to do and she’ll end up nominating Claire.) Derek F. says that he’s willing to toss both of them on the block at the same time if he wins HoH (but Derek also says that he might throw the competition, just like he usually does). Kyland thinks that it makes more sense to nominate another cookout member as a pawn, just in case the veto gets used.

Kyland and Xavier are currently pretty angry with eachother. Kyland is upset that Xavier was taken off the block, instead of him. Meanwhile, Xavier is angry that Kyland is angry. It all comes down to the fact that both of them want to be the leader of the Cookout and neither one totally trusts the other. I’m sure some of the trouble comes from the fact that Xavier has spent a lot of time complaining about Kyland being too close to Sarah Beth while ignoring the fact that Xaver is pretty close to Alyssa.

My personal hope, right now, is that the Hannah and Azah will finally start to make some big moves and basically, blindside every other member of the Cookout.

We’ll see what happens. As of right now, though, be prepared to say goodbye to Sarah Beth on Thursday.

Big Brother 28 — Week 8 Veto Update

Hi, everyone!

So, here’s just a quick update as to what’s happening in the House. Yesterday, they played for the veto and Hannah finally won something! Hannah is now the veto holder and, as a result, she has a big decision to make. Does she keep the nominations the same or does she use the veto on Xavier?

Why is this a big decision? Basically, it comes down to the fact that the rest of the Cookout doesn’t really trust Kyland and Kyland isn’t quite sure that he trusts the rest of the Cookout. Hannah knows that if she used the veto on Xavier, Kyland will resent the fact that she didn’t use it on him and that he might start thinking that he’s on the outside of his alliance. Kyland does have a habit of overanalyzing things.

However, the Cookout is not totally sure that Kyland won’t go against them and vote to keep Sarah Beth. So, they want to keep him on the block so that there won’t be any risk of their plan getting messed up. They’re also know that Claire is the new HoH, having won the Coin of Destiny. If there was somehow a tie vote, it would be up to Claire to decide who to send home and Hannah says that she’s worried that she would pick Xavier.

The thing is — considering who is voting and who is allied with who, I really don’t see any way that this week’s vote could end in a tie. I think Hannah just wants to save Xavier and she’s overthinking ways to justify it so no one figures out that she’s in an alliance with Xavier. But again, that makes no sense because there’s only three people left in the House who aren’t in the main alliance so, even if they did find out about it, there’s nothing they could really do about it.

Anyway, my guess is that Hannah will use the veto on Xavier and Sarah Beth will be voted out on Thursday.

The veto meting is tomorrow!

Big Brother 23 — Week 8 Nominations and High Rollers Room Results

Hi, everyone. The feeds were down for the majority of today but here’s what I can tell you:

As expected, Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland for eviction. Tiffany told Sarah Beth that Kyland is the target, which is a lie. Sarah Beth is totally the target. Xavier is the third nominee, not that it’s going to really make any difference.

In the High Rollers Room, someone did win the coin of destiny and they used its power to dethrone Tiffany. So, Tiffany is no longer HoH but this also means that, on Thursday, she can play to become the new HoH. So, who is the new HoH? Apparently, that’s a secret, though everyone suspects that it’s Claire. The new HoH apparently had the opportunity to change the nominations but decided not to. So, since the nominations didn’t change, Tiffany will still be playing in the veto and I assume that she’ll still be in charge of picking replacement nominees. Since Claire presumably won HoH, she would have immunity from being selected, which means that Alyssa would probably go up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again in the future but I hate twists like this. The Coin of Destiny is way too powerful and the feeds were down nearly all day today because this stupid High Rollers Room comp. And then, whoever did win the Coin didn’t even really use it. Why would you waste an opportunity like that? I guess if there’s anything good about all of this, it’s that the High Rollers Room is now closed.

Veto comp is tomorrow!

Big Brother 23 — About Tonight


It was a bit of a depressing episode tonight. Derek X campaigned harder than just about anyone I’ve seen in recent years. He made a good case to Tiffany, Azah, and Hannah for keeping him. Tiffany spent all week saying that she wanted to keep him. Xavier, who was the main force behind the “Evict Derek X” movement, spent 24 hours in solitary confinement, due to one of the punishments he received during the veto comp. Without Xavier around, Tiffany could have changed the plans and flipped the House.

Instead, expect the expected! Derek X was voted out, by a vote of 5-2. Hannah and Kyland gave him sympathy votes. Everyone else voted to evict. Xavier was allowed to leave solitary confinement to vote and he took forever to reach the diary room. Even with Julie practically begging him to get to the diary room, Xavier took his time. It was supposed to be funny but Xavier’s sense of humor isn’t really his strong suit. Even more importantly, the fact that Derek X was voted out despite almost everyone privately admitting it was a mistake shows that these houseguests aren’t going to provide much suspense when it comes to voting.

So, Derek X is gone and Xavier is one step closer to winning the money. For her part, Tiffany won the HoH, so she is safe this week. Of course, she was going to be safe this week anyways. She seems to be learning towards nominating Sarah Beth and Kyland, with Sarah Beth as the target and Kyland as the pawn. Kyland has said that he’s okay with this. It’ll allow him to get Sarah Beth out of the House without having to actually betray her and potentially lose her vote if he makes it to the final two.

Regardless, Xavier will be going up as a third nominee as a result of his veto comp punishments. Tiffany’s been hinting that she wants Xavier out but, again, she’s not going to make a move until they reach the final 6. That’s a huge risk to take but the Cookout is determined to stick together until they’re the only ones left in the House and if they wouldn’t break up to save Derek X, they’re not going to do it to save Alyssa, Claire, and Sarah Beth.

Nominations are tomorrow, as is the final High Rollers Room.

Big Brother 23 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 7!

Well, it’s that time again.

Tomorrow, the jury will get a new member. It’ll be either Claire or Derek X. So, that means that it’s time for you to cast your vote and let us know who you want to see evicted! I imagine it will be a close vote. According to most online polls, Claire and Derek X are currently the two most popular people in the house!

So, how do you vote?

Do you cast your vote for




Personally, I vote for Derek X because I think Claire still has a lot of fight in her. But I’m only one vote. Cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this post or in the comments! And then be sure to watch on Thursday to see who the newest member of the jury will be!

Happy voting

Lisa Marie

Big Brother 23 — Campaign Notes

Earlier tonight, Xavier and Azah were counting votes to see who, of the two nominees, were most likely to go home on Thursday. Xavier said that he, Derek F., and Kyland would definitely be voting to send Derek X to the jury house. When he said that, I was a little bit surprised. I was like, “Wait a minute, Kyland’s the HoH. He doesn’t get a vote.”

Then I remembered that actually, Kyland is not the HoH. Sarah Beth is the HoH. It’s been really easy to forget that this week because Sarah Beth has pretty much just been doing whatever Kyland’s been telling her to do. For all the talk about Sarah Beth being a strong player and making this “her week,” she’s actually been the weakest HoH since Frenchie.

As for the rest of the House, Derek X is definitely campaigning to stay. He’s figured out that he’s the target and it appears that he’s finally figured out that the Cookout exists (how that took so long, I’ll never know) and he’s been going to everyone and making his pitch. The Cookout seems to be divided. Xavier, Derek F., and Kyland all seem to be determined to vote him out and to keep Claire. However, the women — Azah, Tiffany, and Hannah — have all said that they’re not so sure. They feel that Claire might be a bigger threat.

Tiffany and Hannah are both starting to chafe at the way Xavier and Kyland are throwing their weight around the House. Earlier today, they agreed that Xavier and Kyland act like they’re more important than the other members of the Cookout because they’re the only ones who have won any competitions. Tiffany is especially concerned that, once they read the final six, the men are just going to start picking off the women one-by-one. “They act like they’re just carrying us,” Tiffany said at one point.

The thing is, though …. the men are just carrying them. Azah, at least, has a good social game. Tiffany and Hannah have pretty much just been floating through the game, letting the other members of their alliance do all the work. So, if the other members of the Cookout act like they’re not that important, that’s because they’re not.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Cookout going to stay united until the top 6. The only thing that’s going to cause one of them not to make the top 6 is if Sarah Beth, Claire, or Alyssa is lucky enough to win the veto or some other sort of special power over the next three weeks. But once it is only the Cookout left in the House, it looks like it’s going to be men vs. women.

As for Thursday’s vote, Derek X is fighting but, as Xavier pointed out to Azah, he’s also promising too much. In the end, I expect to see him head for the jury after Thursday’s vote.

Lisa Marie

Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Veto Meeting Results

Hi, everyone!

I apologize for being late with this update but, on the other hand, it’s nothing surprising.

The veto meeting was held earlier today. Xavier took himself off the block. No shock there.

Sarah Beth had to name a replacement. Xavier, Derek F., and Alyssa all had immunity due to all the comps and the twists that we’ve seen over the past few days. (By the way, having seen last night’s episode, I have to say that the roulette twist and the whole using a random spin to put someone the block thing was one of the stupidest twists that I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. And I’ve seen some really dumb ones.) At the veto ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Derek X as a replacement. She could have nominated Azah, who she’s been talking about nominating for weeks but Kyland told her that she should nominate Derek X and, as this week has shown, Sarah Beth will do anything that Kyland tells her to do.

So now, Derek X is on the block with Claire and he’s the target. He’s already campaigning to stay. He told Derek F. that he wants to partner up with him. Derek X is going to fight to stay in the House but it probably won’t happen. He’s viewed as being too big of a threat to win the game. Plus, he may have been a member of the Royal Flush but he’s not a member of the Cookout and the Cookout pretty much has total control over the House. Right now, the Cookout is planning on taking Derek X this week, Claire the next week, then Alyssa, and then Sarah Beth, in that order. Of course, most online polls currently have Derek X and Claire listed as the two most popular players in the House so I imagine production is probably having a panic attack over the prospect of losing them, one after another.

So, as of right now, your nominees are:



Derek X

And Derek X is the clear target.

Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Veto Comp Results

Hi, everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know the results of yesterday’s veto comp. I apologize for the delay, the feeds were down for almost all day yesterday.

Anyway, the veto was won by Xavier. Xavier will be taking himself down and, of course, Sarah Beth will be nominated Derek X at the replacement. Why of course? Because that’s what Kyland told her to do! Even though Sarah Beth was initially interested in getting rid of Azah if she couldn’t get rid of Derek F., Kyland has convinced her that Derek X is the bigger threat. To be honest, Derek X probably is a bigger threat but still, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Sarah Beth this week.

Anyway, Derek X is going up and the plan now is to get rid of him on Thursday. Sarah Beth was telling Kyland that she hopes someone takes a shot at Derek F. or Azah next week. YOU COULD HAVE DONE IT THIS WEEK, YOU IDIOT!

Anyway, veto meeting is tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

Big Brother 23 — Week 7 Nominations

When Sarah Beth won HoH last night, she told the entire house that she was going to be the HoH and that this wasn’t just going to be a repeat of Kyland’s HoH.

Of course, once they were both in the HoH room, Kyland spent four hours talking to Sarah Beth and Sarah Beth ended up doing exactly what she wanted.

Sarah Beth’s originally plan was to nominate the two remaining Jokers, Derek F. and Azah. Of course, since Derek F and Azah are members of the Cookout, Kyland went out of his way to convince Sarah Beth to instead nominate Claire and Derek F. a second time. Kyland sold her on the idea that they could both be pawns and that, after the veto ceremony, they could backdoor a more dangerous player.

So, at the nomination ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction.

However, during the High Rollers comp, it appears that Alyssa won a veto power. Now, the feeds were down for all of this but here’s what apparently happened. Alyssa used the veto on Derek F. and Sarah Beth nominated Xavier in his place. Claire is very angry because she was convinced that Alyssa was going to use the veto on her. Alyssa, meanwhile, says that Sarah Beth specifically asked her to use the veto on Derek F. Sarah Beth, on the other hand, is saying that she told Alyssa to use the veto on either player and that she thought Alyssa was going to save Claire.

Following all of that? I’m not.

Here’s my thing. Let’s say Alyssa is telling the truth. Let’s say that Sarah Beth asked Alyssa to save Derek F. So what? It’s Alyssa’s veto and Derek F. hasn’t given Alyssa any reason to think of him as being an ally. So, why do it just because the HoH says so? The HoH is just another houseguest!

Then, when the feeds came back, Sarah Beth was telling Xavier that she was sorry for nominating him and that she really hoped that he won the veto and maybe they could backdoor someone this week. Okay, Sarah Beth — do you not have a plan for this week or are you waiting for Kyland to tell you what to do?

Regardless, Claire is angry because now she realizes that she’s viewed as being expendable. And if Claire goes against Xavier or any other member of the Cookout on Thursday, Claire will be sent to jury because the Cookout has the numbers and I don’t see any cracks in that alliance. The only way anyone not in the Cookout is going to make it to the final six is to keep winning immunities.

Anyway, the veto comp is tomorrow! Claire needs to win this veto or Xavier needs to be replaced by someone like Derek X or Alyssa or Claire is going to be in huge trouble.

Lisa Marie

P.S. After spending weeks telling everyone in the House that Sarah Beth was lying about having a girlfriend and that she was actually trying to hook up with Kyland, Tiffany has now seen a photograph of Sarah Beth with her girlfriend. I doubt TIffany will admit that she was wrong.

Big Brother 23 — About Tonight

“By a vote of 7-1, Britini, you’re rapping days are over.”

Yes, Britini was voted out of the House tonight, becoming the first juror. She received only one vote to stay, a sympathy vote from Azah.

Though it’s hard to believe now, there was a time when Big Brother eviction nights were truly exciting and suspenseful. The votes used to be close. The campaigns used to go on up until the votes were cast. The pre-eviction speeches used to be a big deal. Thursday night used to be a night that I really looked forward to.

That’s all changed, though. Thursday night’s now tend to remind me of everything that I don’t like about Big Brother. The votes are always predictable and never close. The pre-eviction speeches are cutesy and too often feature the nominees trying to build their brand through forced quirkiness. (Last year, Christmas did poems. This year, Britini rapped.) I dislike all of the cutesy stuff that goes on in the hallway outside the diary room. I can’t stand Julie’s attempts to try to fool us into thinking that anything surprising could happen. I especially hate the shout outs. After Big Brother 20 and Alex Ow doing so many shout outs that Julie often had to get her to repeat who she had actually voted for, I thought the show had finally started to move away from shout outs but this season, they’re back! Tiffany is the worst offender, saying hi to everyone she knows every time she votes. But all of the houseguests have gotten pretty bad about it. Just cast your vote and move on, houseguests!

As for tonight — no surprise, Britini’s gone. Though the Cookout has been talking about how much they want to split up Sarah Beth and Kyland, that’s not happening this week because Sarah Beth is the new HoH! Unfortunately, for those of us who want to see the game get shaken up a little, Sarah Beth is probably going to do whatever Kyland advises her to do.

For instance, last week, Sarah Beth said that she would probably target the two remaining Jokers if she won HoH, specifically Azah and Derek F. But, right now, Kyland is talking to Sarah Beth and trying to sell her on nominating him and Claire for eviction. Kyland is convinced that he can win the veto or that someone else will be willing to use the veto on him. It sounds like Kyland’s plan might be to backdoor either Derek X or Alyssa. Or maybe he just really wants to get rid of Claire.

Meanwhile, Tiffany won’t stop talking about how much she hates Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth’s smartest move would be to get rid of Tiffany but I don’t think she even realizes how much Tiffany hates her.

Nominations are tomorrow! We’ll see what happens.