BB23 — It’s Time Open Up The Diary Room For Week 9

Hi, everyone!

Well, it’s time to open up the diary room for Week 9 and you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not very happy about it. Our two nominees are Claire and Xavier. Xavier is clearly the one who should be voted out because this might be the last chance to do so and, should Xavier make it to the end, he’s going to win the game.

But no. Claire is going to go on Thursday and then Alyssa will probably follow right after her. The Cookout stuck together like they said they would. Give them credit for that but I think that Tiffany is going to regret the choices she made this week.

Anyway, with that all in mind, how do you vote?

Do you vote to evict

CLAIRE, who could easily be voted out any week after this one


XAVIER, the much bigger threat who will probably never be on the block again?

Cast you vote in the poll at the bottom of this post or in the comments below! And then watch on Thursday for the season’s first double eviction episode!

Lisa Marie

6 thoughts on “BB23 — It’s Time Open Up The Diary Room For Week 9

  1. joleemae

    I can’t stand Zingbot! I can’t understand most of what he says! My mother always said, sarcasm is the lowest form of humor! I agree!
    Thank you Lisa!❤
    Looking forward to a big upset in tomorrow’s double eviction! And, glad that Tiffany can’t go for HOH! 🙏
    Goodnight! ❤

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    1. marcellagwin

      I don’t like sin it much either. My hubby, who refuses to wear his hearing aides, can’t understand what he says either. Truthfully, his Zings have never been that funny, and they’re even less so now!

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  2. marcellagwin

    And so… I vote to evict Xavier just because I don’t like how the whole nominating Claire thing went. Truthfully, I don’t think it matters one way or the other. She was never going to win, or even make it to an F4. The Cookout has proven to be one of the strongest alliances in the games history. I see people calling them racist on social media and I cringe. I haven’t seen one thing that would put them in that category. In fact, I’ve seen them form real friendships with the HGs that aren’t black. The people making those comments are probably the racists… sit back & enjoy the game. Quit making it about race or politics… etc. it’s 6 people that bonded over a common trait and thanks to Tiffany’s super fandom, followed the game plan of “The Brigade” alliance by each getting close to another HG to create a large voting block. If Tiffany were to make it to F2, she’d deserve the win, but it’s doubtful that she will do either (F2 or win). I’ve still got Xavier for the win, but Azah is still my fave HG… though she’ll probably never even get a “wink” from X… “zing!”

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  3. marsha47

    I vote to evict Xavier even though I wish it was Tiffany instead. Maybe she will go in the double. She has been a bully and a tyrant. Playing everyone against others so they take the heat and not her. The CO will accomplish their 6 to the end but not because of their great game moves nor because they like working together. That part I don’t like.


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