Big Brother 23 — About The Double Eviction

Hi, everyone!

So, if you watched tonight’s show, you know what happened and you probably weren’t surprised. Though it briefly appeared like maybe the women would be smart enough to take their shot at Xavier while they could, they instead stuck to the plan and voted out first Claire and then Alyssa. Claire was visibly angry as she left. Alyssa seemed to believe that she was voted out because she was viewed as being a threat. No, Alyssa. No one saw you as a threat. You just weren’t a part of the Cookout.

To recap, it went like this:

Claire was evicted.

Hannah won HoH.

Hannah nominated Xavier and Alyssa for eviction. She told Alyssa that Alyssa was just a pawn and Alyssa believed her.

The veto competition was easily won by Xavier, showing that he can compete when he has to and that maybe he wasn’t totally sure that he wasn’t about the get blindsided. In fact, Xavier won so easily that it should have reminded everyone in the House just how difficult it’s going to be to get another opportunity to take a shot at him.

Xavier used the veto on himself. Hannah put up Kyland as a replacement. (Kyland was visibly angry at being nominated, even though it was obvious Alyssa was going to go.)

Alyssa was then voted out by a vote of 3-1. Only Xavier votes for her to stay but he only did that because he knew everyone else was going to vote her out.

So, the Cookout got what they wanted. They’re the top 6 and now it’s probably going to be women vs. men. The feeds just went down for the HoH comp. Before they went down, Xavier told Derek F. that he wants to win this HoH and then Derek F, needs to win the next HoH and then Xavier needs to win again. So, apparently, Xavier doesn’t want either Kyland or any of the women winning the HoH comp. But imagine have a strategy that depends on Derek F. actually winning something. Yikes!

If Xavier or Derek F. wins the HoH comp, Hannah and Tiffany will go on the block. If Tiffany wins, it’ll probably be Xavier and Kyland on the block. Who knows what Kyland or Azah will do if they win.

Next week, it’s another double eviction! This season will be over before you know it.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother 23 — About The Double Eviction

  1. joleemae

    I realize Big Brother is just a game, but I hate the way the final six got there! I’m sure they are having a party tonight to celebrate their victory! I wanted Alyssa to win the veto so bad!!!!! At this point, I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Tiffany or Hannah!! Even though it’s part of Big Brother, I hate back stabbers! Tonight was very frustrating to me! Now it will be interesting to see how the pack of wolves destroy their own!
    Thank you Lisa!
    I will be glad to see this season end!!!
    Goodnight! ❤❤


  2. marcellagwin

    I’m actually pretty shocked that an alliance was able to keep it together to F6. I don’t think it’s ever happened before (in the USA BB). Having said that, the Cookout alliance will actually be the reason why someone that might have won, won’t. The girls were stupid not to take a shot at X while they had a chance… Claire wasn’t much of a threat, and now they’re stuck with the biggest threat in the game… however, sooner or later he’ll be back on the block, and he can’t win forever… or can he?! It could be interesting in the next couple of weeks.. guess we’ll see! I’m ready for Survivor!


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