Survivor 41.4 “They Hate Me Cause They Ain’t Me”


After watching last night’s episode, I’m struggling to think if there’s even been two tribes as pathetic as the Yase and UA tribes. I mean, how bad do you have to be that you can’t even win a competition even though the other team is attempting to throw it?

DeShawn and Danny did try to throw the immunity competition last night, specifically so they could go to Tribal and get rid of Erica, who DeShawn doesn’t trust because Erica, for some reason, is obsessed with getting rid of Sydney. (A lot of people probably rolled their eyes when Sydney said “They hate me because they ain’t me,” but she’s probably a 100% correct when it comes to Erica.) However, because the other two tribes are terrible, Luvu still ended up winning the immunity challenge. Yase, in their defense, won as well but they still struggled, even with Luvu giving very little effort.

And so, UA returned to tribal for a second time and JD was voted out. And again, it’s not like JD was blindsided because the other members of the tribe were brilliant strategists. JD was voted out because he was naïve, cocky, and made a dumb mistake. Would anyone else have fallen for Shan’s request that he give her his advantage in order to win her trust? Probably not. Shan’s not that clever or slick.

JD did not react well to being voted out. Most people say, “Good luck.” JD asked if anyone wanted to tell him why he was being voted out. JD was under the impression that Genie was that night’s target. JD, though, had a tendency to be a bit cocky and, once you got beyond the bluster, he really wasn’t that good when it came to challenges. I’m not sure how I would have voted if I had been on that tribe. Genie struggled in the immunity challenges. JD was annoying and didn’t seem trustworth. Actually, if I was on that tribe, I probably would have quit the game already.

The UA Tribe is now down to three. Usually, this would be the time that Survivor shakes things up by combining the three tribes into two but no mention of that was made in the previews for next week’s episode. Personally, I kind of want to see UA suffer for at least one more episode so I’m fine with putting off any sort of merge for a while.

It also appears that, next week, Tiffany is going to try to get rid of Xander. Tiffany has an irrational hatred of Xander and it’s actually pretty annoying. While Luvu dominates the game, the other two tribes are obsessing on how to get rid of their strongest players.

So, I’ll be lighting a candle for Xander and hoping the best for him. If he goes, I hope the rest of Yase quickly follows.

JD, the 5th person voted out of Survivor

7 thoughts on “Survivor 41.4 “They Hate Me Cause They Ain’t Me”

  1. marcellagwin

    I hate the seasons when the weak players outnumber the strong players… occasionally the strongest player does win, but because of their social game and strategy, not their physical strength….
    I couldn’t agree with you more… pretty darn bad when the two other teams are so bad, they can’t even get a challenge thrown to them… just wow!

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  2. Deb

    I can’t understand why Tiffany wants to get Xander out so badly. Granted she did well in the challenges last night but that might not always be the case. I’m sure she will freeze if she sees another balance beam. Why no mention of the three-way idol? I thought for sure they would show Xander’s expression when he realized Brad had been voted out knowing he had part of the three-way idol. I don’t know the tribe names but with the Blue tribe so strong, I’m shocked they haven’t found the three-way idol yet. They would show it being found and whether the person used it or not right?

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