Survivor 41.8 “Betraydar”

We are a little more than half-way through the latest season of Survivor. We got our first juror last night. It’s an individual game now, with everyone on the same tribe and everyone having an equal shot at the win. Now is traditionally the time when we start to learn who the real players are and who is just there taking up space.

So far, these are my main thoughts on this season:

First off, I’m missing the days when Jeff Probst was mean and snarky and openly made fun of the castaways. Now, he’s endlessly enthusiastic and hyper and positive and it just doesn’t feel right. I guess Jeff was told that the show needed to be more positive but that’s not what Jeff is good at. The Amazing Race’s Phil is the positive one. Jeff is at his best when he’s being sarcastic.

Secondly, I still have no idea who the majority of the people on this show are. Last night, Heather tried to make a big move at Tribal and, for me, it fell flat because I honestly had no idea who Heather was.

Third, the castaways who I do feel as if I’ve gotten to know are not a particularly impressive group. Shan, Liana, Evvie, and Naseer all would have been voted out early during a good season of Survivor.

Four, the editors are trying to change things up through the use of flashbacks and not showing us people finding idols until the moment that they decide to use them and all the rest. Sometimes, that’s been effective. Other times, it’s just been a distraction. I think the folks behind-the-scenes are trying to change things up to keep Survivor from becoming stodgy but I also think they may be trying a bit too hard.

As for last night’s episode — well, who knows? I mean, it was pretty straight forward until they got to tribal. Xander agreed to sit out of the reward challenge so that Erika could get a chance to win the reward. Shan and Liana got mad because Ricard ate some of their food right after he finished off the reward challenge feast. (And they should have gotten mad because Ricard really is a jerk.) After the previous tribal, Evvie was the top target but Evvie managed to win immunity. Going into tribal, the plan was to split the votes between Tiffany and Xander in order to make sure that at least one potential Evvie ally went home. DeShawn said that he would rather get rid of Naseer but Shan dismissed his concerns, which upset DeShawn.

And then at tribal, for some reason, Heather decided to blow everything up by running around and whispering to everyone that DeShawn was right and that they should vote out Naseer. I’m not really sure why Heather did this because Heather has gotten next to no screentime and I really don’t know anything about her interactions with Naseer. Is Heather just a flake or was she genuinely trying to be a master strategist? I imagine the former is probably correct.

Of course, this led to Shan briefly whispering that they should vote out Heather but DeShawn refused to go with that plan because it had just been sprung on him and plus, he was sick of Shan acting like she was in charge. Ricard told Xander to play his idol but neither he nor Tiffany did so. The vote was a bit of a mess but it went like this:

1 vote for Naseer (from Xander)

2 votes for Xander (from Danny and Naseer)

2 votes for Heather (from Tiffany and Evvie)

6 votes for Tiffany (from DeShawn, Erika, Heather, Liana, Ricard, and Shan)

And so, Tiffany became our first juror. (Last week, I was under the impression that Sydney was the first juror but I was wrong. Probst specifically announced TIffany as being “the first member of our jury.”)

Next week: DeShawn gets sick of Shan! It’s about time!

Lisa Marie

7 thoughts on “Survivor 41.8 “Betraydar”

  1. marcellagwin

    Lisa Marie, I loved this post. I thought I was the only one who felt like I was in the twilight zone. My hubs asked me… “so who is that” and “do know who the alliances are?” I usually know everything by this time in the season, but I feel I know nothing… I like Xander… he won’t make it to the end… a person of color is slated to win this season… I don’t have a problem with anyone winning except when BB & Survivor begin to manipulate the game… this is one season that I’ll be glad when it’s done. Maybe next season Snarkey JP will return us from the Twilight Zone.

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  2. Janice Davidow

    Shan needs to be shown the way out. I cannot imagine being able to trust her the way she spoke about manipulating people while pretending to listen to them in her congregation as well as on survivor. Being a bully is not good social game but she has the followers who do what she says. I’m ready for an awakening.

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    1. sammiofusa

      I completely agree with you. I am not religious but I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I were one of her congregation. I’ve been saying that all along but tonight she actually said how she leads her flick to do what SHE wants. WOW!

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  3. sammiofusa

    I agree with you Lisa about Jeff being too upbeat. It scares me. Lol.
    I also hate the way CBS and production are making this season all about people of color. I always thought more people of color should be a bigger part of every season. But this is obviously a set up just like Big Brother. I thought this was “reality” TV. And while I realize most reality shows are at least partially scripted, I always thought Survivor was mostly reality unscripted. It’s annoying.
    And Shan needs to be voted off. Richard too. Just my Midwest opinion.

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