Survivor 41.10 “Baby With A Machine Gun”


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, Survivor fans can give thanks that, last night, the castaways finally did something that made sense and they voted out Shan.  The self-declared “Mafia Pastor” was vote out largely because everyone realized that she had been involved in so many big moves and had been responsible for sending home so many people that she would be difficult to beat in a final two situation.  Add to that, she also still had her idol.  Trying to blindside Shan and take her idol out of play was simply good gameplay.  The move to blindside Shan was led by Ricard and DeShawn, who were previously two of her biggest allies.

(Of course, if Ricard hadn’t won immunity, he probably would have been the one voted out that night.  What’s interesting is that the whole reason RIcard fought so hard to win immunity was because Shan warned him.  So, Ricard won his immunity and then thanked her by leading the move to blindside her.)

Personally, I haven’t been a big fan of Shan since the game began.  Before the merge, she led her tribe to so many consecutive tribal councils that, by the time the merge happened, she and Ricard were the only two left.  She would brag to the camera about how ruthless she was but then get upset if anyone else called her out on it.  While she did find a lot of advantages and did use a few of them to get some people out of the game, she was also frequently tricked by the other players.  Who can forget Xander tricking both her and Liana with a fake immunity idol?  My main problem with Shan, to be honest, is that she often seems to hide behind the fact that she’s a pastor.  Ricard is frequently annoying but at least he admits to his villain status.

As for how tribal council went down, Shan and Liana thought that Erika was the target.  Everyone else split their votes between Liana and Shan.  (The votes for Liana were in case Shan played her idol).  This led to a 3-3 tie vote between Liana and Shan.  In the revote, in which everyone but Liana and Shan could vote, everyone voted for Shan.  By a vote of 6-0, Shan was sent off to the jury.  As she left, she called DeShawn “a snake” and announced that she would vote for RIcard if he made it to the final two.  That’s definitely going to put any even bigger target on Ricard’s back and I imagine that Shan realized that.

There will definitely be fallout over this  vote.  Liana is going to be furious.  Ricard is still going to be a target.  Xander still has his idol and, after spending so many tribals as a target, is now suddenly flying under the radar.  Personally, I’m starting to think that Danny might secretly be the biggest threat to win the game.  He’s likable and, unlike DeShawn, he hasn’t made any enemies.

We’ll see what happens.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa Marie

4 thoughts on “Survivor 41.10 “Baby With A Machine Gun”

  1. marcellagwin

    Our home is full of holiday guests and we all cheered when Shan was voted out! The look on her face was priceless! Hope you & your smart hubby have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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