Survivor 41.11 “Do or Die”


Last night, Survivor introduced the Do or Die twist to the game and I loudly groaned because it totally went against everything that Survivor was supposed to be about.

Basically, at the immunity challenge, Jeff got all excited about the fact that there was a new twist.  The winner of the immunity challenge would, of course, win immunity.  However, the first person to fall out of the challenge would be forced to pick one of three boxes at tribal.  If the box had a picture of a skull inside of it, that person would be sent to jury and there would be no vote.  If castaways agreed to sit out the challenge, they would not win immunity but they would also not have to pick a box.  Yippie, I guess.

Heather and Liana chose not to participate in the challenge.  I get Heather’s logic because she’s not really that good at challenges so why should she take the risk?  But Liana had just seen her closest alley blind-sided and she no longer had any reason to trust Danny or DeShawn.  SO WHY NOT TRY TO WIN IMMUNITY!?  Liana is not very good at this game.  That’s been obvious ever since she fell for Xander’s fake immunity idol.

Anyway, DeShawn was the first castaway to fall out of the challenge, which means he got stuck with the Do or Die.  Meanwhile, Danny won his first immunity challenge.

Before I say anything else, I should explain that I started to mentally check out from tonight’s episode as soon as Jeff explained the Do or Die twist.  The Do or Die goes against everything that I love about SurvivorSurvivor is supposed to be about strategy.  It’s supposed to be about blindsides and close votes and people wondering who they can trust.  The Do or Die Twist was way too random.  It was something that maybe would have been appropriate pre-merge but it’s a bit unfair to spring it on everyone this late in the game.  DeShawn is a power player and a threat to win the game.  Survivor was prepared to randomly remove him with a silly twist.  That’s more like Big Brother than Survivor.

It actually reminded me of what happened to Paschal, during the fourth season of Survivor.  Paschal was one of the most popular guys on the show that season.  He played a good social game.  He was loyal to his allies and courteous even to those in opposing alliances.  He was loved by just about everyone.  Throughout the entire season, he hadn’t gotten one vote at tribal council.  Paschal made it all the way to final four and then, due to a tied vote at tribal council, everyone was forced to draw a rock.  Paschal got the purple rock and was sent to jury, leading to a rather lackluster final three of Neleh, Kathy, and Vecepia.  No one was happy about that.  Jeff Probst made a huge point of declaring that the rules would be changed to try to prevent anything like that happening again.  And yet, Do or Die was this season’s equivalent of the purple rock.  Why are so many of the recent Survivor twists — Edge of Extinction also comes to mind — devoted to recreating things that everyone hated from previous seasons?

Anyway, after the challenge, there was a lot of strategizing about how to vote out in case DeShawn survived the Do or Die but it was kind of hard to care because it all depended on a random whim of fate.  Danny tried to get Xander to take out Ricard.  Xander, however, still felt loyal to Ricard and felt that Liana should be the target.  I can’t stand Liana but, at the same time, Ricard was obviously a bigger threat so, last night, I definitely didn’t agree with Xander’s logic.

It was an emotional tribal.  DeShawn opened up about how he felt about Shan calling him a snake.  Tears were shed.  Still, it was hard to really focus on all of that when I knew that the whole stupid Do or Die thing was coming up.  For all my complaining, DeShawn did pick the right box.  He picked the box with the picture of a flame, so his game will continue.  Things could have been worse but the Do or Die twist still should never have happened in the first place.

As for the vote, Erika decided to stay loyal to Heather, Xander, and Ricard and she voted for Liana.  Xander also wasted his extra vote on Liana.  Danny, Liana, and DeSawhn voted for Ricard but, in the end, the vote was 5-3 in favor of sending Liana to jury.

Two more weeks to go until we got our final survivor!  Right now, my money is on Ricard.

Lisa Marie

5 thoughts on “Survivor 41.11 “Do or Die”

  1. marcellagwin

    First let me say that I hope all is well and feeling better in your homestead today… 😷

    I actually agreed with Xander, in theory. He was just trying to hold on to his voting alliances’ advantage, and not an incredibly bad idea to keep around a bigger threat as a human shield. However, alliances are made to be broken, so I’m expecting a big blow-up next week.

    I hated the “do or die” crap… but don’t kid yourself. There is a phycological determination as to which box the average player would choose. (There are literally studies on which toilet stall is chosen by the average person and why! It’s also why I always choose the first stall!). At any rate, production had a good idea which box location would be chosen, and all Jeff had to do was keep the boxes in order and put the right box in the right location. It looks random to the viewer, but it really wasn’t.

    Honestly, I wish my favorite “reality” shows would get off the political speak bandwagon. I don’t think thats going to happen anytime soon… kinda sick of it myself.


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