Survivor 42.3 “Go For The Gusto”


After being slightly disappointed by the previous two episodes of the current season,  I really liked last night’s Survivor.  Not only did we get an interesting immunity challenge but Tribal was entertaining as well.  I kind of breathed a sigh of relief that it was the previously unstoppable Vati Tribe that got sent to tribal.  If nothing else, the fact that all three tribes have had to go to tribal this early in the game indicates that it’s probably not going to be another season where one group dominates the entire game.

After being way too nice last season, Jeff Probst is getting back to being his old, cranky self and I’m happy to see it.  You could see it at the Immunity Challenge, where he praised Jonathan for literally carrying his team to victory and could then barely hide his disgust at the fact that the other two tribes needed help getting their keys out of the water.  “First time this has ever happened in Survivor history!” and you could tell that Jeff wanted to add, “you losers!” at the end of his statement but he didn’t.  That’s the Jeff Probst that we all know and love!

Vati lost their first immunity challenge and went to tribal.  We got to know a bit more about the tribe and, to my surprise, Daniel has emerged as the tribe villain.  Daniel has the potential to be an entertaining villain because it’s obvious he’s trying to be a ruthless strategic mastermind but it’s also obvious that he’s not really smart enough to pull it off.  

Tribal Council was a mess, mostly because Mike can’t vote because of the Beware Advantage and Chanelle lost her vote as a result of risking it at the summit.  Jenny & Mike wanted to vote out Lydia while Lydia & Hai wanted to vote out Jenny.  Under normal circumstances, Mike, Chanelle, and Daniel would have all joined Jenny in voting for Lydia but with only Daniel and Jenny being able to vote out of that group, Hai and Lydia were suddenly in a position to fight back.  The first vote was tied, 2-2.  For the revote, Lydia and Jenny couldn’t vote and, of course, Mike and Chanelle couldn’t vote.  When Jeff read Hai and Daniel’s votes and then announced that the vote was still tied, a very confused looking Hai said, “Where are the votes?”

Jeff then had to explain that neither Mike nor Chanelle could vote.  He also explained that if Daniel and Hai couldn’t unanimously agree on whether to vote out Jenny or Lydia then Jenny and Lydia would become safe and the other four players would have to draw rocks.  No one wanted to draw rocks.  Hai announced that he would not change his vote, no matter what.  After insisting that Chanelle was the one who wanted Lyida to be voted out, Daniel then said he would also vote to get rid of Jenny, which means that his closest allies now know better than to trust him.  Jenny did not look happy and I don’t blame her.

It was a good episode.  I’m not a huge fan of all of the idols and the twists but at least they actually played a role in the vote this week.  As for next week, I’m looking forward to seeing how Daniel tries to weasel his way out of all this.

It should be fun!

7 thoughts on “Survivor 42.3 “Go For The Gusto”

  1. sammiofusa

    I feel the exact opposite of you Lisa. I love this season. They aren’t over producing it like last season. I didn’t notice Jeff being disgusted either. He probably was but I see things with more positivity. Like I’m thinking those last two tribes seemed close to drowning. We don’t know how long they were out there. I would much rather they stop the game before anyone dies. Pretty sure if someone actually died, we would never get to see Survivor again.
    As for Daniel, I was kind of taken aback by how forgetful he was. He didn’t seem like a villain as much as a bumbling fool. I thought it was rude how he took that guys idol pkg and lost half of it. I wouldn’t be trusting him with much of anything else ever again.
    Tribal was fun but confusing. I liked that the 2 non voters were putted. That was a twist.
    It’s funny how we all watch the same show and see everything different. I’m amazed at how much I’m obviously not noticing. Thank you for your take on the show’s and for sharing your point of view with us.

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  2. marcellagwin

    Sami! Bumbling fool… good description for poor Daniel. I knew Hai was not going to change his vote… and I knew Daniel would fold over on himself rather that chance his game on “the rocks!”
    Johnathan… I picked him the first day… alas, he will likely go the way of my beloved Ozzy and the wonderfully amazing Joe. I think Johnathan’s social game is a lot better than either Ozzy or Joe… but will other players be put off by his awesomeness and ultimately vote him out. Only time will tell…
    They toned MaryAnne down a notch & I began to enjoy her delightful personality again.


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