Survivor 42.10 “Tell A Good Lie, Not A Dumb Lie”


One thing  with Survivor is that you don’t want to get too cute when it comes to trying to vote someone out.  Just come up with your plan and go with it because adding any extra complications will undoubtedly blow up in your face.

Case in point: Hai.

Hai has spent almost this entire season bragging about what a strategic genius he is.  And last night, it did look like he might have a chance to get Jonathan out of the game.  But Hai made a huge mistake when he tried to convince Jonathan that he had an immunity idol that he was willing to play on Jonathan’s behalf.  Instead of just focusing on trying to convince the other castaways to vote out Jonathan, Hai decided to try to trick Jonathan.  I’m not sure what Hai’s strategy was, beyond wanting to show off and make Jonathan look stupid.

Jonathan, of course, saw right through Hai’s lie and he used it to convince the other castaways that Hai was 1) a strategic threat and 2) untrustworthy.  He had some help from Omar who, during a reward feast with Mike and Lindsay, lied to Mike and told Mike that Hai was bragging about Mike being “his puppet.”  With Jonathan, Omar, and Mike eager to vote out Hai, it was easy to get Lindsay, Drea, and Maryanne to join in. 

At tribal council, Hai was blindsided.  He and Romeo voted for Jonathan but everyone else voted for Hai.  By a vote of 6-2, Hai was sent to the jury.

There were two other big developments last night.

First off, Maryanne found a hidden immunity idol, replacing the one that she used at the previous tribal council.

Secondly, Lindsay won reward and invited Omar and Mike to join her.  During the meal, they watched videos from their loved ones (and, of course, Omar told some lies about Hai).  It was a bonding experience for the three of them and it wouldn’t surprise me to see these three and Maryanne in the final four.

We’ve got three weeks left!  As of right now, I’m starting to think that, after spending much of the game laying low, Lindsay might be the ultimate winner.  We’ll see what happens!


4 thoughts on “Survivor 42.10 “Tell A Good Lie, Not A Dumb Lie”

  1. marcellagwin

    My whole family held their breath hoping that our fave, Johnathan, would make it through another tribal. Yes, we just like him… of course we know the next time he fails to win immunity he’s gone. Too big, too easy a target not to get rid of. While he has many exceptional Survivor qualities, he is sorely lacking a big one… he is definitely not strategic. Worse yet, he thinks he is. I think he’s more suitable for a ‘Naked & Afraid’… no strategy required.. just plain old survival which he has in spades… though I’m sure he’ll be back on Survivor sooner or later… most ‘beasts’ do get a do-over…

    All that being said… I really like Lindsey… and I’m with you Lisa Marie… I expect she just might be the winner of this season. She’ll be back too, whether she wins or not. She’s the whole Survivor package!

    Good for Mary Ann finding the immunity idol. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna need it!


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