Survivor 42.11 “Battle Royale”


Ugh.  Last night, the Do or Die twist returned.

For all the talk about how the hourglass reset is the worst twist in Survivor history, the Do or Die is a close second.  Basically, at the immunity challenge, the first person to drop out of the  challenge gets hit with the Do or Die.  At tribal, they have to pick from three boxes.  If the box has a skull picture inside of it, their game is over.  They’re sent to the jury and no one else is voted out that night.  If the box has a flame, they’re safe.  They get immunity, along with whoever won the challenge.

This was the 2nd season in a row for the Do or Die Twist and, just like last season, it ultimately amounted to NOTHING!  Because everyone else chose to sit out the challenge, only Jonathan and Lindsay competed in the immunity challenge.  Jonathan won immunity.  Lindsay got stuck with the Do or Die.  But, then at tribal, she picked the right box and she got the flame, meaning she was safe.  Then everyone did what they were already planning on doing before the Do or Die Twist was even reveled and they voted out Drea.  BORING!

(Considering how strong a contender Lindsay has become over the past few episodes, can you imagine how much it would suck if she ended up getting kicked out of the game because she picked the wrong box?)

Seriously, Survivor has gotten kind of wimpy as of late.  I get that this is supposed to be a kindler, gentler Survivor but I miss the old, unforgiving challenges.  In the past, the twist would have been that the first person to drop out of the immunity challenge would have been sent to the jury and then the remaining members of the tribe would still have to vote someone out at tribal council and Jeff Probst would have laughed about it.  Survivor used to be ruthless.  Now, things have gotten too nice.  The castaways are giving big rewards, a lot of food, and there are so many idols that a player can basically coast their way to the end without actually having to do anything.

I will say that I did enjoy the bit, during tribal, when Drea tried to steal Mike’s idol, just to discover that Mike had given the idol to Omar.  Omar’s a dangerous and smart player and it’s a bit strange to me that no one seems to be targeting him.

As for the final vote, Drea had an extra vote so she was able to cast two votes for Mike.  And Romeo voted for Mike because Romeo never knows what the plan is before tribal.  Everyone else voted for Drea, including Maryanne, who previously refused to vote for Drea.  The final vote was 5-3 and was close only because of Drea’s extra vote.

Two more episodes left!

3 thoughts on “Survivor 42.11 “Battle Royale”

  1. marcellagwin

    I’ve seriously wanted Drea gone since almost the first episode. Omar, I have wanted him gone since the first episode. I identified him as a snake from the beginning, and he has definitely proven to be one.
    Of course… yeah! Johnathan made it through another tribal. There are so many other players that are better strategic players, better manipulators, better gamesmanship players, than Johnathan. I get that he’s a big strong guy, so let him take the individual immunity…. it leaves all those other players open to being voted out. Pretty soon, all the immunity idols will be dead in the water anyway… there’s time to fry the bigger fish…


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