Big Brother 24 — Delusions

If you want to know just how delusional certain people in the House are, consider this:

After Michael and Brittany won the veto, Jasmine went up to the HoH room to talk to them.  When she came in the room, she saw that Turner was already up there talking to them.  Jasmine ordered Turner to leave so that she could talk to Michael and Brittany alone.  Turner left and Jasmine kind of rolled her eyes as he went, suggesting that she still somehow doesn’t know that Turner is working with Michael and Brittany.

Jasmine went on to tell Michael and Brittany that this was going to be a great week because they finally had a chance to get a dangerous player out of the the game.  That player was Monte.  Jasmine spent a lot of time explaining why she felt that Monte had to go this week and she said that the most important thing was that neither Michael not Brittany use their veto.

After Jasmine hopped out of the room, Michael had a good laugh at her expense.  Not only did Jasmine reveal that she thinks Monte is the biggest threat in the House but she also revealed that she had no idea that Michael and Brittany are in an alliance with Monte and Joseph.  She even lied and told Michael that the entire house wants Monte gone and that if Michael used the veto, he would have everyone in the house upset with him.  How Jasmine can still be so clueless, I have no idea.

It got even better, though.  An hour or so later, Terrence approached Michael and said that he didn’t mind staying on the block.  He went on to make the same pitch that Jasmine made, telling him that this would be a great time to get rid of Monte.  And again, Terrence made the same mistake that Jasmine made.  He not only revealed that Monte was his target but he also revealed that he doesn’t know who is aligned with who.  Whatever chance Terrence had of becoming a part of the Leftover Alliance is now pretty much gone.

For her part. Jasmine seems to be pretty sure that she convinced Michael to not use the veto.  And Daniel is starting to feel confident that he’s going to survive this week.  Daniel even thinks that he would have a majority to keep him but that’s just because he’s somehow under the impression that Brittany would vote to keep him over Kyle.

Of course, as of right now, the plan is still to blindside Daniel.  All the efforts that others have put into trying to push Michael around have just made Michael more determined to stick to the plan.

The veto meeting is tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — Delusions

  1. marcellagwin

    Jasmine is in ‘Jasmine World’ and on the ‘Jasmine Show’, not broken ankle & all! We should have known this when she walked into the house wearing that outrageous dress (which btw I thought she looked delightful!). Poor thing… she’s one of those players that will read every blog comment, every tweet, every word written about her and she’ll come to regret it… though she may end up in a parade in her home state of Mississippi around MardiGras time… like Renny Martyn.
    As for players… Monte is really growing on me… I’ll be happy to see the whiney Daniel gone. He’s just too much…. Something?



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