Big Brother 24 — Week 5 Veto Meeting Results

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the late update. At the veto meeting day, Michael did use the power of veto and he did put Daniel and Kyle up as replacements. At first, Daniel was pretty upset about it and walked around the House saying “goodbye” to everyone. But, when last I checked, he was excited because Jasmine and Terrence said that they would vote to keep him. “I just need 3 more votes!” Daniel told the camera.

Well, good luck with that, Daniel! As of right now, he is very much the target and both Terrence and Jasmine are (finally) starting to figure out that there’s another alliance in the House so I’ll be surprised if they keep their word to Daniele.

Daniel told Terrence that he’s planning on just “relaxing” for the next few days and not starting in the trouble. I have a feeling that won’t last. We’ll see what happens!

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