Big Brother 24 — Week 7 Veto Winners

Okay, the two veto comps are in the books and we now have two veto winners.

For the inside group, Brittany won the veto.  This is a good result for the Leftovers because Brittany is not going to use the veto and Jasmine is going to stay on the block.

For the outside group, Terrance won the veto.  This is a bad result for the Leftovers because Terrance is probably not going to use the veto and Joseph will be sent home.  If Kyle votes for Turner and Alyssa votes for Joseph, that will force Terrance to cast the tie-breaker.  Joseph goes home and Terrance gets all the blood on his hands.

As I mentioned yesterday, Kyle told Alyssa and Terrance all about the Leftovers.  Unfortunately, Joseph and Turner do not know that he sold them out so they still think that Kyle is with them.  After the veto comp, Joseph and Turner both huddled with Kyle and discussed strategy with them and whether or not the three of them should talk to Terrance and attempt to get him to use the veto and put Alyssa on the block.  Turner and Joseph are both far too trusting and a bit clueless when it comes to Kyle.

So, as of right now, the nominations should be staying the same.  We’ll see if that is what indeed happens on Monday!


3 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — Week 7 Veto Winners

  1. joleemae

    It’s kind of sad that a loyal follower of BB since season 1 can’t even know which player is who!! I guess I’m just not paying attention! Who’s fault is that?? I know I’m getting old, but by this time in previous games, I knew the name of every player! Now they have made it even more confusing by having TWO teams to sort out!
    Thank you Lisa! Goodnight everyone! 😍


    1. marcellagwin

      So many twists we can’t keep up! Remember season 1 when we got to vote (me for Eddie) for the winner… times have changed.


  2. marcellagwin

    Hopefully the annoying Jasmine will limp her way to the jury house next Thursday nite. Kyles secret may stay hidden this week, it won’t be long before he’s outed and on the block. Hopefully with his showmance.



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