Big Brother 24 — Where Are The Updates?

Hi, everyone!

Usually, I try to update this site at least once a day, even if it’s just to say that the nominations are staying the same.  But, for the past two days, the feeds have been down more often than they’ve been up.  Apparently, there were some wall yellers who started yelling about Kyle betraying Joseph and Turner and Terrance may have heard them.  As a result, the outdoor feeds have been down since Sunday.  (They briefly came back earlier today but only for a few minutes.)  As for the indoor feeds, nothing has been going on.  It’s been pretty dull, beyond Jasmine complaining about being nominated during “her birthday month.”

I do know that the outdoor veto will be tomorrow.  Hopefully, the feeds will come back and I’ll be able to tell you something definite about what’s happening.

Til then,

Lisa Marie

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — Where Are The Updates?

  1. franniep2

    Thanks for the update Lisa. My question is, what difference does it make if Terrance hears the wall yellers saying that, because Kyle already blew up Turner and Joseph’s game. I’m hoping they heard the yellers and know that Kyle is to blame for them being on the block. Hopefully Kyle and Terrance get nominated next week.

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