Big Brother 24 — Outdoor Feeds Are Back!

Hi, everyone!

About an hour ago, the outdoor feeds finally came back.  I can now confirm the rumors that I’m sure we’ve all seen online.  Terrance did use the veto.  Turner is off the block.  Kyle and Joseph are now the outdoor nominees.  As for how the vote it going to go, it’ll probably depend on who Terrance wants out.  Alyssa is going to want to keep Kyle but if Terrance wants to evict Kyle, all Turner has to do is vote to evict Kyle.  That would lead to a tie and Terrance would cast the deciding vote.  If Terrance says he wants Joseph gone, Kyle will probably just go with the majority.  We’ll see.  A lot of it is going to depend on whether or not Turner knows that Kyle betrayed the Leftovers.

As for the indoor group, the veto was not used.  Jasmine is going to be evicted.


1 thought on “Big Brother 24 — Outdoor Feeds Are Back!

  1. marcellagwin

    Hey Jasmine! “Grab your life vest!”
    As for Terrance, why use the veto unless he heard the yellers… which is just fine with me… I’d love to know Kyle has to spend the next week listening to the annoying Jasmine whine!

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