Big Brother 24 — The Diary Room Is Now Open For Week 7

It’s that time of the week again!

Which two houseguests do you vote to evict in the first (and only?) double eviction of the season?

For the Inside Group, do you vote for

Jasmine, who is celebrating her birthday month


Monte, who is celebrating being in the main alliance?

For the Outside Group, do you vote for:

Joseph, the co-founder of the Leftovers


Kyle, the man who is destroying the Leftovers?

Cast your vote over in the poll belo (you can cast two votes this week!) or in the comments!  And then be sure to watch tomorrow to see who will be joining Indy in the Jury House!

Happy voting!


7 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — The Diary Room Is Now Open For Week 7

  1. foxglove103

    Jasmine and Kyle for my vote. I liked Kyle at first, but the betrayal of his alliance has turned me against him. Jasmine was one of the mean girls from the beginning and I never liked the overdone accent.

    Liked by 1 person


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