Big Brother 24 — Tonight’s Double Eviction

The results of tonight’s double eviction really weren’t surprising.

The Inside Group evicted Jasmine on a vote of 2-0.  They all actually told Jasmine that they were going to vote to evict her last night so Jasmine was not as surprised as she pretended to be when she talked to Julie.  And though Michael, Brittany, Monte, and Taylor may been nice in their goodbye messages, that was largely just jury management.  They were all glad to see Jasmine go.

The Outside Group evicted Joseph, again on a vote of 2-0.  In his Diary Room interviews, Turner said he was joining Terrance, Alyssa, and Kyle as a member of their new alliance, the Afterparty.  Honestly, I think Turner will go with whoever has the power after the next HoH comp.

When the two groups were reunited in the House, it was a low-key reunion.  I think everyone knew Jasmine would be gone and everyone also knew that Joseph would probably be targeted by Terrance.  What the Inside Group doesn’t know is that Kyle betrayed them all.  Talking to Michael and Brittany, Kyle and Alyssa made it sound as if Terrance acted totally on his own in deciding to target Joseph.

Taylor is upset but those who were expecting her to start demanding answers were disappointed.  She told Monte that, upon seeing Joseph gone, she is now emotionally exhausted.

Assuming Turner was being honest about switching, there are now four Leftovers and Four Afterpartiers in the House so this next HoH is going to be very important.  There’s only a few more weeks left in the game.  The feeds are down for the HoH comp so we’ll see what happens when they come back.

1 thought on “Big Brother 24 — Tonight’s Double Eviction

  1. marcellagwin

    I’m glad Kyle & Alyssa lied… because you know that’s going to come out & make them both targets. Turner is now off my list of favorites… I pretty much like the whole leftovers bunch plus Terrance.



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