Big Brother 24 — Week 8 Veto Meeting Results

It’s been a wild two days in the Big Brother House.

In short, Kyle’s game has completely collapsed.

Knowing that Kyle had been pushing Turner to target him this week, Michael blew up Kyle’s game.  He told everyone in the House about all of the times that Kyle had talked about betraying his various alliances.  He also let everyone know that Kyle had approached both him and Brittany about targeting all of the black players in the House so that they couldn’t form a “Cookout 2.0.”

Upon learning all of this, Terrance revealed to Monte that Kyle was the one who had pushed him to target Joseph and he also revealed that Kyle had totally sold out the Leftovers while they were living on the outside.  With everyone in the House now turning against Kyle, Turner felt that he had no choice but to put Kyle up as a replacement nominee.

Last night, Kyle had a meltdown, saying that his life was now over because Michael was saying that Kyle wanted to target all of the black players.  Fearful that he would get called a racvist during the veto meeting, Kyle told Alyssa that he wanted to self-evict.  He then disappeared into the diary room for over an hour.

Kyle did eventually leave the Diary Room so production apparently talked him down and convinced him to stay.  At the veto meeting today, Michael used the veto on Brittany and Turner put Kyle on the block.

So, is Kyle’s game over?  Probably.  Michael and Brittany will definitely be voting top evict him.  Alyssa will presumably vote to keep him.  Monte and Terrance both put a lot of pressure on Turner to put Kyle on the block.  However, Kyle apparently apologized to Monte and Terrance for targeting them and he said that he realized he had let race influence his thinking.  After the meeting, Monte and Terrance were discussing whether or not they wanted to evict Kyle, with both of them saying that they felt that Kyle could probably benefit more by staying in the House and learning than from being evicted.  Of course, what I think Monte and Terrance were actually saying is that both of them feel like they would probably lose to Taylor and this might be their last chance to get her out of the House.

That said, Monte seemed to ultimately be leaning towards voting out Kyle.  Terrance seems to be more of a question mark but I have a feeling he’ll go with the majority as far as this vote goes.  If nothing else, I imagine production would probably prefer to get rid of Kyle now, rather than have to deal with all the controversy that will come if he stays over Taylor.

We’ll see what happens!


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