Big Brother 24 — Set In Stone

Hi, everyone!

Well, the fallout from the veto meeting is still ongoing but what thing is definitely set in stone.  Kyle will be leaving the house on Thursday.  Monte, Michael, and Brittany are planning on voting to evict him and there’s no way that any of them are going to be swayed.

Yesterday, immediately after the veto meeting, Terrance and Monte did have a conversation in which Terrance actually did try to convince Monte that it would be better to keep Kyle in the House so that Kyle could supposedly grow as a person.  (I think Terrance was more concerned with missing out on a chance to evict Taylor.)  Monte put on a pretty good act of agreeing with Terrance.  He even fooled me a little.  But, almost immediately after talking to Terrance, Monte went to Brittany and Michael and told them what Terrance had said and, most importantly, Monte affirmed that Kyle is going to have to do his growing in the jury house.

Kyle knows that he’s going.  He and Alyssa have “broken up.”  He’s been telling people not to trust Michael so Kyle’s plan appears to be to sabotage Michael on his way out.  Of course, Michael was on most people’s lists even before Kyle’s game blew up.  Monte has told Turner that, if he wins HoH, his number one target will be Michael.

The only question right now is whether or not the vote to evict Kyle will be unanimous.  Will Alyssa vote to keep him in the House even though they’ve broken up?  Will Terrance go through with his plan to give Kyle a sympathy vote?  And how will Kyle handle talking to Julie?  Earlier today, he told Brittany that he’s terrified that he’ll be booed when he steps out of the Big Brother House.

We’ll find out on Thursday!


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