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Big Brother 24 — Week 7 Nominations

Well, this upcoming week is going to be chaotic.

We currently have two groups of HGs.  One group lives inside.  One groups lives in the backyard.  Each group has their own HoH and their own set of nominees.

On the inside, we have: Michael, Taylor, Monte, Jasmine, and Brittany.  Michael is HoH and everything is going the way that you would expect.  Michael has nominated Jasmine and Monte for eviction.  Jasmine is the target but Michael lied and told her that Monte was actually the target.  If Jasmine doesn’t win the veto tomorrow, she’ll be going to the jury.

On the outside, things are more different.  On the outside, we have Terrence, Joseph, Alyssa, Kyle, and Turner.  Originally, Joseph and Turner thought that they would be able to talk Terrence into nominating Alyssa.  Instead, Kyle pretty much sold out the entire Leftovers.  He told Alyssa and Terrence about the whole alliance.  As a result, Joseph and Turner are now on the block and Joseph is the target.

Neither of the two houses have any contact with each other so neither knows what’s going on.  While the outside group has guessed that Jasmine is the other group’s target, the inside group has no idea that Kyle has sold them out and that two Leftovers are now on the block.

It’s going to be messy, let’s just put it like that.

The veto comps should be tomorrow!

Big Brother 24 — A Two Hour Disaster

After all the hype, tonight’s 2-hour episode of Big Brother was a definite let-down.  We got 70 minutes of filler.  When they finally got to the vote, it went pretty much as expected.  Michael gave Indy a sympathy vote but everyone else voted to evict her.  Before she left, Indy gave another one of her long, pointless speeches.  That may have made Indy feel better about getting voted out but, for those of us who just wanted to get on to the HoH comp, it was frustrating.

Indy left the House convinced that Kyle was solely responsible for her eviction because he refused to use the veto.  However, during the goodbye messages, Michael told Indy all about the Leftovers and let her know that she had been the target from the start.  Indy looked stunned.  How clueless are the people in the House?

We finally got to the new twist.  For this upcoming week, there will be two Head of Households and the remaining houseguests will be split into two groups of four.  One group will live in the House while the other group will live in the backyard (where the temperature is going to be 90 degrees all week).  The two groups will have no interaction for the next 7 days.  Each HoH will nominate two people from their group for eviction.  On Thursday, this will lead to a double eviction.

Michael won the HoH comp and Terrence was the runner-up.  Michael will be the inside HoH while Terrence will be the outdoor HoH.  When the show ended, Michael and Terrence were preparing to pick the members of their group.

And now, we’re just waiting for the feeds to come back so we know who is going to be living where.

I’m not sure why tonight’s episode needed to be two hours.  Here’s my guess.  I bet that Big Brother was originally planning to do a double eviction tonight but, at the last minute, they decided to go with the split house twist.  But, since they already had that two-hour time slot, they basically just filled it in with whatever they could.  Still, it’s hard not to think that they could have trimmed a minute or two from all that filler and at least allowed us to watch as Michael and Terrence picked their houseguests.

Oh well.  The split house twist at least seems like it could be interesting.  We’ll see it how it all plays out.  For now, Indy is the first member of our jury.

Big Brother 24 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 6

Hi, everyone!

First things first …. if you don’t know what happened at the veto meeting and you don’t want to find out until tonight’s show, stop reading now because this post is A SPOILER!

With that out of the way, it’s time to open up the diary room for Week 6 and give you the chance to cast your vote for who you want to see evicted!

Do you vote to evict….

INDY, the flight attendant


TERRENCE, the bus driver?

Cast your vote in the poll or in the comments below!  And then be sure to watch the show tomorrow to see who is voted out!

One final note: I thought the double eviction was this week but now I’m hearing that it might be next week and that, tomorrow, they’re just going to divide the house in two.  I’m not totally sure which is correct.  So, watch tomorrow to find out!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 24 — Leftovers No More

Today, the fallout from Kyle’s decision not to use the veto is continuing.

Taylor is upset that she’s not going to be able to get a “big” target out this week, though I think it’s debatable whether or not Alyssa qualifies as a big target.  The person who Taylor should be worried about is Jasmine but Taylor has already announced to everyone that she will never nominate Jasmine for eviction because she doesn’t want to be responsible for evicting the only other black woman in the House.  To her credit, Taylor has been honest with everyone about that.  At the same time, Jasmine would definitely not extend the same the same favor to Taylor and has been trying to get rid of Taylor since day one.  Jasmine may not be the smartest player but, out of the non-Leftover players, she’s definitely the sneakiest and the most likely to stab someone in the back.  It’s hard not to feel that, if Jasmine is HoH, Taylor is still going to be her number one target.

Regardless, the nominees are still Indy and Terrence and Indy is probably going to be the first one voted out on Thursday.  The Leftovers have been debating what they’re going to do next week.  Taylor and Joseph are both more determined than ever to get rid of Alyssa.  Meanwhile, Kyle and Michael have been talking a lot about how, eventually, only Leftovers are going to be left in the House.  Kyle thinks that it’s going to be Taylor, Joseph, and Monte vs. Kyle, Michael, and Brittany, with Turner as the deciding vote.  Kyle sounds like he’s open to blindsiding either Joseph or Monte, if he wins HoH.  Of course, if he did that, that would really be the end of the Leftovers.

Of course, all this planning might be for nothing because Thursday is going to be a triple eviction night.  First, either Indy or Terrence will go to the jury.  Then, the house will be split in two and there will be a double eviction.  Who knows how it will play out.  The only thing that is certain is that the House is going to look a lot different on Friday.

Lisa Marie

Big Brother 24 — Week 6 Veto Meeting

Last night, Taylor tried to talk Kyle into using the veto, even going so far as to promise to put up Joseph as a pawn.  It didn’t do any good, though.  Kyle had made up his mind to protect Alyssa by leaving the nominations the same and that’s what he did.

At today’s veto meeting, Kyle did not use the veto.  Terrence and Indy remain on the block and, as of right now, it appears that Indy is going to be the first member of the jury.

Kyle’s decision may be the end of the Leftovers because Taylor, Monte, and Joseph are now concerned that he cares more about Alyssa than the Alliance.  Meanwhile, Kyle is upset because Brittany and Michael told him that they supported his decision to not use the veto but later, when Taylor talked to all of them, he feels that they failed to speak up in support of him.  Everyone’s struggling to get along but there are a lot of damaged feelings right now.

Jasmine is also upset that Kyle didn’t use the veto because she still believes that Taylor was planning on backdooring Monte!  Now, Jasmine is telling everyone that Kyle and Monte must be working together.  They are but Jasmine doesn’t realize that they’re also working with Taylor, Turner, Joseph, Michael, and Brittany.  For someone who spends a lot of time bragging on herself, Jasmine really is clueless.

I imagine we will get some drama before the eviction.  There are a lot of angry people in the House right now.

Big Brother 24 — The House Is A Mess

Things are a bit messy in the Big Brother House.

Yesterday, Kyle won the veto.  At first, this seemed like a good thing.  Kyle would use the veto on Terrence and then Monte would go up as a pawn and Indy would be blindsided.  When Monte started to feel a little bit unsure about being nominated, Joseph stepped forward and offered to go up as a pawn in his place.

However, Taylor doesn’t want to put up Joseph because she likes Joseph.  So, that plan got pushed to the side.  Now, Taylor has decided that she would rather put up Alyssa as a replacement and vote out Alyssa this week.  The problem is that Kyle has the veto and Kyle and Alyssa are in a showmance.  Kyle suspects that, if he uses the veto, Alyssa will be the one going up.  Earlier today, he told Michael and Brittany that there was no way that he was going to use the veto.  Both Monte and Joseph seem to think that they can talk Kyle into doing it but I think they’re underestimating just how adamant Kyle is about not putting Alyssa at risk.

So, Taylor has a big decision ahead.  If the veto is used, she runs the risk of alienating Kyle by putting up Alyssa.  If the veto is not used, Indy and Terrence will stay on the block and Taylor will not be able to get out her current target, Alyssa.  Taylor’s target used to be Indy but now, Taylor believes that Alyssa is much more dangerous.  (Personally, I think Indy is far more dangerous but whatever.  Apparently, Taylor is also angry because Alyssa won some money during the veto comp.)

On top of all that drama, there’s balloongate.  Jasmine’s birthday is coming up.  Earlier today, she told everyone that she wanted Big Brother to give her several balloons so that she could release them into the air in memory of her recently deceased father.  Turner said that he didn’t think that was a good idea because plastic balloons are bad for the environment.  Jasmine’s response was to give Turner a death stare that lasted for several minutes.  Finally, Turner laughed nervously.  Jasmine interpreted that as Turner laughing at her dead father and declared that she had never been so offended before in her life.  Jasmine then refused to talk Turner for a little over an hour while Alyssa and Joseph took messages from one to the other.  Jasmine finally agreed to speak to Turner so that he could apologize.  Turner said that his laugh was nervous.  Jasmine talked about how she understood and then she went on to say that her all of her birthday plans had been ruined.  I don’t think things are going to get better between the two of them.

The veto meeting is tomorrow!  As I was typing all this up, Kyle told Alyssa that there is no way he is using the veto tomorrow so I guess we’re about to see the first real cracks in the Leftover alliance.

Big Brother 24 — Week 6 Nominations

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know what’s happening in the House. Daniel was voted out last night. Taylor is currently the HoH. Earlier today, she nominated Terrence and Indy for eviction but she has also led both of them to believe that they are merely going up as pawns. Terrence and Indy both seem to think that the plan is to get Monte out of the House but I think the target is actually Indy.

The veto comp is tomorrow. After becoming HoH, Taylor promised Jasmine that she would not nominate her for eviction or put her up as a replacement. But Taylor later told Joseph that she actually would be willing to consider putting up Jasmine, though she would regret going back on her word. It actually seem more likely that Alyssa will be the replacement if the veto is used. Since Taylor’s already said that she’s going after a bigger target, like Monte, I think her hope is that Monte or Joseph will win the veto and then not use it.

We’ll see what happens! I’m just curious to see how much longer Jasmine can go without figuring out that Taylor, Joseph, Turner, Monte, Kyle, and Michael are all in an alliance together. For someone who keeps bragging about how she’s a strategic mastermind, Jasmine keeps missing all the obvious signs that there’s an alliance of which she’s not a member. Maybe she’ll figure it out this week.

Probably not.

Big Brother 24 — The Results of Tonight’s Eviction and HoH Comp

I’m up at Lake Texoma on a little vacation this week so I not only got to see Daniel get voted out but I also got to do it while sitting on a deck, surrounded by still water and the beautiful countryside.  What an ideal way to watch the season’s second most annoying player get voted out!

(The most annoying is Jasmine, with her fake accent.)

Daniel came up with the brilliant idea of trying to sway the other houseguests by calling them all clowns and announcing that this was the most boring season ever.  Amazingly, this did not win him any votes.  Terrence kept his word and voted to keep Daniel but everyone else voted to evict.  Daniel left the House and told Julie that he wasn’t upset.  (LIAR!)  Then Julie explained that the Leftovers Alliance formed specifically because of Daniel yelling at Taylor.  The look on Daniel’s face was priceless.

After Daniel was evicted, Julie announced that any future evicted houseguests would now be going to the jury house instead of being sent home.  She also announced the end of the Festie Bestie twist.  There was much celebrating.

The HoH comp was the wall.  This is the comp where the HGs have to hold onto a wall and the last to fall becomes the new HoH.  In the past, this is a comp that has often gone on for hours.  This season, it lasted 47 minutes and it ended with Taylor being crowned HoH.  I would assume that means Terrence and Jasmine are probably in trouble.

However, the houseguests don’t know that there’s yet another twist coming up.  Next Thursday, the Houseguests are going to be split into two separate groups and there will be two HoHs.  It’ll lead to a double eviction.  Julie made it sound like this would all be done in one night, in a special “two-hour live event.”  Hopefully, we’ll learn more details about it as the week goes on.  To be honest, I’m a bit tired to twists.

Anyway, for now, Daniel is gone and Taylor is HoH!

Big Brother 24 — Time To Open Up The Diary Room For Week 5

It’s that time again!  It’s time for us to open up the diary room and allow you to vote on who you want to see leave this week!

Following the veto ceremony, Daniel and Kyle are currently on the block and Daniel is currently the target, even if he’s having trouble understanding that.  We know how the houseguests are going to vote but how about you?  Who do you vote to evict?

Do you vote for….

DANIEL, the Elvis impersonator who says that he loves the game


KYLE, the internet sensation who might love Alyssa?

Cast your vote in the poll below!  And then be sure to watch on Thursday to see who goes home!

Happy voting!


Big Brother 24 — Delusions, Part II

Hi, everyone!

I just checked in with the Big Brother House.  Daniel was talking to Terrence and it sounds like Daniel might have convinced himself that he’s going to survive this week.  Daniel thinks that Terrence, Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa will all vote to keep him and he’s even come up with excuses that they can use if anyone asks why they voted to keep Daniel.  For instance, Daniel was telling Terrence that Terrence could say that he voted to keep Daniel to pay him back for voting to evict Ameerah during the 2nd week.  Daniel would still need one more vote, though.  Earlier, he seemed to think that Brittany might vote to keep him but, as we know but Daniel doesn’t, Brittany is a member of the Leftovers and is allied with Kyle.

Daniel also thinks that Turner is “America’s Player” and that we, the viewers, are voting on who Turner should vote for.  By that logic, Daniel really should be making more of an effort to keep us happy!

Daniel is not the only with delusions.  Last night, Terrence told Jasmine that he threw the veto comp because he was convinced that Michael was going to keep the nominations the same.  Jasmine then went to Alyssa and claimed that she (Jasmine) was the one who threw the comp.  Jasmine essentially stole Terrence’s story.  Why exactly Jasmine would have to throw a physical comp like OTEV when she claims that she can barely walk, I’m not sure.

There are a lot of delusions in the Big Brother House right now but they’ll all come crashing down on Thursday!

Lisa Marie