The Amazing Race 34.1 “Many Firsts But Don’t Be Last”


Yay!  The Amazing Race is back!

The Amazing Race is my favorite of the big three reality competition shows, largely because it’s always kept things simple.  It’s a race around the world.  If you make it to the pit stop in time, you’ll keep racing.  If you’re the last team to arrive, you may be eliminated.

Actually, forget about “may be eliminated.”  This season started with Phil Keoghan announcing that, for the first time in Race history, there would be no non-elimination legs.  So, if you’re the last team to arrive, you’re out.  That should make things interesting.  Over the past few seasons, some of my favorite teams have only remained in the race because of non-elimination legs.  Indeed, some of the best teams in the history of the race — Colin and Christie, Rob and Amber, and others — would have been eliminated early if not for the non-elimination legs.

With every leg an elimination leg, that means that teams will always have to be on top of things.  Not a second can be wasted.  Unfortunately, that lesson was lost on Aastha and Nina, the first team to be eliminated.  They seemed like nice people but I knew they were doomed as soon as they wasted several precious minutes getting directions.

The latest season of the Race started in Munich.  The 12 teams all had to complete three activities associated with Oktoberfest so that they could receive the clues to the next pit stop.  Because Aastha and Nina started out behind, there was never really any suspense over who would be eliminated but still, it was nice to have the show back.

Here’s a few thoughts on the teams:

Coming in first were Derek X and Claire, who were both on Big Brother 23.  I’m always a little bit cynical about Big Brother teams, despite the fact that those teams actually do have a fairly good track record.  (Cody and Jessica won.  Brendan and Rachel came in third twice.)  Last night, Derek and Claire seemed pretty strong.  They worked well together and there really wasn’t any question that they were going to grab the top spot.

Coming in second were newlywed Glenda and Lumumba.  Glenda is very tall and Lumumba is pretty short and that’s really all I remember about them.  Still, coming in second is a good finish so I’m sure I’ll be learning more about them over the next few episodes.

Coming in third, Quinton and Mattie.  Quinton and Mattie are this season’s former cheerleaders.

Coming in fourth, Linton and Sharik.  Every season, we get one father/daughter team and this season, it’s Linton and Sharik.  Father/daughter teams always seem to meltdown around the third or fourth leg.  We’ll see if that happens this season.

Coming in fifth, Emily and Molly.  They’re twins and …. that’s about it.

Coming in sixth, Marcus and Michael.  They’re brothers and they’re both in the military.  They didn’t make a huge impression but they do seem likable enough. 

Coming in seventh, Tim and Rex.  They’re friends who like to golf.  Rex is a former football coach.  They seem like a typical middle-of-the-pack team.

Coming in eighth, Abby and Will.  Who?  I don’t remember much about them, to be honest.  That’s the way the Amazing Race goes sometimes.  If they stick around, I’ll get to know them better.

Coming in ninth, Rich and Dom!  They’re motivational speakers.  Dom’s rainbow hair is impressive.  They seem like they could be entertaining but I get the feeling they’ll be eliminated sooner than later.

Coming in tenth, Luis and Michelle!  Michelle, like me, is a dancer so I totally want to see her do well.  Unfortunately, they struggled a bit last night.  I’m not sure why.  They seem like they should be a strong team so I’m going to guess last night’s ten place finish was a fluke.

Coming in eleventh, Aubrey and David!  Yay!  More dancers!  That said, I’m going to need all of my dancers to finish a bit more strongly as the race continues.

And finally, coming in twelfth, Aastha and Nina.  They fell behind early and never really caught up.

As of now, I am rooting for the dancers, Luis & Michelle and Aubrey & David.  I wasn’t really a huge Claire or Derek fan when they were on Big Brother but they seem like they’re going to do well on the Race.

We’ll see what happens next week!

9 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 34.1 “Many Firsts But Don’t Be Last”

  1. marcellagwin

    Of course I picked Derek X and Claire as my favorites… mostly because I really loved Derek on BB23… my second picks are Luis & Michelle.. because they’re just adorable… no other faves yet, but I’m sure some will emerge as the race moves along.
    I am soooo happy the non elimination legs are gone. I have always been very suspicious about those legs anyway. I think sometimes their purpose was to keep a team from elimination if they caught a bad flight.. now that they’re all on the same chartered flight… there was no reason for that. I like that it’s just straight up, “the last team to check in will be eliminated” !
    BTW, I didn’t know you were a dancer LM! I’ve always admired the sacrifices dancers have to make to hone their craft… that and I would kill to have those “dancers legs”!
    And one last thing… rainbow hair! I actually like Dom’s rainbow hair.. but she’s going to have to pull those braids into an updo if she expects to be competitive in this race. Last night they got in her way at 2 of the 3 challenges… not a great start…


  2. theycallmetater

    I don’t watch Big Brother but we liked Derek on The Challenge so we were cheering for them. We were annoyed by the motivational speakers. I’m a football fan and Rex was an assistant coach for my favorite team so it is fun watching him race. No one else really stood out for me last night

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  3. sammiofusa

    I was completely impressed by the lack of fighting. It’s still early but usually someone comes off as a grumpy pants or a bully.

    My least fave team is the coach and his golf buddy. I don’t like the coach’s energy. He comes off as entitled old white guy to me. I’ve worked with too many of them. Just my first impression.

    My fave team would be the twins. How cool that they were separated at birth and found each other because of a random DNA test? What an awesome way to get to know each other and bond.

    I remember BB’s faces but not their game play. I liked how they got along too.

    As for Dom’s hair… WTF was she thinking? That’s a lot to cart around when you are traveling around the world not knowing what you will have to be doing. It’s going to get caught in something. I was waiting for it to roll up on the barrel. It’s pretty but holy smokes that’s a lot. My old age is showing. Lol.

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  4. sammiofusa

    I did see her on Survivor. I don’t mind the color but if it stays nice the whole 60 days, we know they have hair and makeup. I would never go on either show because I would yell too much. I hate stupidity and if they aren’t doing it my way, they’re stupid. Lol. I’d be the first voted off on Survivor and I would have gotten lost and still be yelling at my partner on TAR. But, my hair would be whatever color I dyed it and it would be easy in a ponytail or messy bun at all times.


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