Big Brother 24 — Almost Over

Hi, everyone.  Just one more day to go!

The first part of the final HoH comp was won by Turner.

The second part of the final HoH comp was won by Monte.

So, part 3 — which will be on Sunday — will be between Monte and Turner.  Taylor is out of the running for the final HoH and she might be out of the running for the final two as well.  Monte and Turner both seem to be planning on taking each other, regardless of how the final HoH goes.

It all wraps up tomorrow so we’ll see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — Almost Over

  1. joleemae

    Thank you Lisa! We really enjoyed Amazing Race last night, but we haven’t watched Survivor yet! Looking forward to the end of this very disappointing season of BB! Let’s hope the next one will be better! I want them to go back to doing it like the past seasons that we enjoyed! No more racial comments! God created us equal, and there should be no “respector of persons!”. I’ve never favored a player because of the color of their skin! God made us all unique and loves us just the way we are! I really liked Taylor at the beginning of the show, but her actions changed my mind! Now I have no favorite to win BB! Sad!!


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