Big Brother 24 — For the last time, let’s open up the diary room!

Okay, everyone, for the final time this season, it’s time to open up the diary room!

We’re down to our final three.  Tomorrow, either Monte and Turner will be crowned the final HoH of the season and will choose who will be sitting next to him in the final two.  Then, it will be up to the jury to decide.

So, who do you want to win?

Do you vote for





Vote in the poll or in the comments below!  And then be sure to watch the show on Sunday to see who will win Big Brother 24!

Happy voting!

4 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — For the last time, let’s open up the diary room!

  1. star227

    I agree 100%!! I want Taylor OUT and INTO the jury house!! The more I know about her elitist butt the more I don’t like her!! And I know she doesn’t need the money! But that money would totally change the life of one of the guys.
    I vote to Evict Monte snd Turner for the WIN!! I like the way he played snd his laid back attitude in general. He’s his own person and he’s had his share of wins. But if Monte did win I’d be ok with it. Just not happy. lol anybody but Taylor!!!!!!! lol
    GO TURNER!!!!!!!!!!

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