Survivor 44.2 “Two Dorky Magnets”

Survivor 442

Last night, the Saga of the Birdcages continued!

Over on the Soka Tribe, fireman Danny was able to find the key and, while the rest of his tribe was busy worrying about Frannie and Matt’s budding showmance, Danny opened the cage and retrieved both the immunity idol and the fake idol.  As opposed to Brandon (who told his entire tribe about his idol and was subsequently forced to use it to stay in the game), Danny kept his idol a secret.  He put the fake idol back in the cage.  That was clever of Danny.  He might be around for a while.

On the Tika Tribe, while the rest of the tribe was searching the jungle, Carolyn stayed back at camp, found the key, and opened the cage.  Carolyn got both the idol and the fake idol.  She wasn’t quite as clever about it as Danny.  First, she took the entire bag out of the cage, just to realize that the rest of the tribe was inevitably notice that it was missing.  She then had to put the bag back into the cage before the tribe returned.  However, instead of putting something in the bag to make it look like it was still holding something, she left the bag empty.  When the Tika Tribe returned, they realized someone had been in the cage….

But somehow, they didn’t realize it was Carolyn!  Even though Carolyn was the only person at the camp, the other members of Tika suspected everyone but Carolyn.  Carolyn is definitely a bit on her own wavelength and apparently, that’s led her tribe to not realize that she’s actually playing Survivor.  That’s actually good news for Carolyn.  Being underestimated is one of the best ways to survive in the game.

Finally, over at the Ratu Tribe, Kane knew that he was on the bad side of the rest of the tribe so he spent his time searching for an idol.  He wasn’t subtle about it and didn’t do himself any favors.  Fortunately, Ratu won immunity so Kane will have at least one more day to try to repair things with the tribe.

In the end, it was Tika that went to Tribal.  Helen and Sarah wanted to vote out Carolyn, even though they didn’t know that she had the idol.  However, since Sarah lost one her votes at the summit, she wasn’t able to vote at this tribal.  Carolyn and Yam Yam both voted for Helen and Carson, who I assume didn’t want the vote to become a tie, ultimately decided to vote for Helen as well.  As a result, Helen was voted out, 3-1.

So, right now, Danny and Carolyn are the two strongest players on the Island as both of them have an idol.  Who would have predicted that?

We’ll see if that continues next week!

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4 thoughts on “Survivor 44.2 “Two Dorky Magnets”

  1. sammiofusa

    Lauren has an extra vote advantage. Sarah has the inherit advantage. Danny and Carolyn each have an idol.

    They must be counting Bruce as the first one to be voted out because Jeff said Helen was the third one voted out.

    I loved Helen. I’m sorry to see her go. By the looks at next weeks’ show, Carolyn might not be the only weirdo. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. marcellagwin

    Carolyn would get on my last nerve in real life… but on Survivor… she’s great tv. I hope Frannie & Matt get to stick around for a bit longer. They’re really cute & quirky… maybe Jeff won’t make it an issue ad nauseam… as he so often does.

    Liked by 1 person

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